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Found 1 result

  1. Hello All, Our webshop is getting bigger and our database is growing. However we also got a lot of spider/crawls traffic that causes our server outage yesterday. I talked with our hosting provider and they blame the developers or the system administrator of the serer. I am sure it is not the development, because Cubecart is a paid shopping cart solution with a lot of customers. Is anyone able to help me setting up the server in a correct way? PS: This is my hardware:VPS, 2.69 GHZ, RAM 1824 MB, Disk Space 80 GB, Bandwidth 1425 GB Helpdesk summary conversation: (9:00:13pm)helpdesk.:Hello! How can I help with this today? (9:25:04pm)helpdesk.:Hmm, I would highly suggest contacting a developer to assist you with optimizing the site's usage of CPU, masterunix. (9:27:00pm)helpdesk.:masterunix, it had just recently used up too much of the server's MySQL service. Which means that it is needed to be optimized to handle mysql queries better. (9:27:38pm)masterunix:any server upgrade will help? (9:28:11pm)helpdesk.:It will not help, however you can save money by simply optimizing the site. (9:29:40pm)helpdesk.:It would mean that it is worked on to handle services better, as right now, it's causing issues on MySQL. (9:29:57pm)masterunix:can you suggest what and how to optimize it? (9:33:17pm)helpdesk.:As mentioned, fixing up the MySQL configurations, as well as the site's handling of MySQL queries would be great.
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