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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All I have been doing an SEO audit on my website and there are issues with the site being accessible via both www and non www URLs. I prefer www but the sitemap automatically generated within cubecart shows non-www URLs. Is there any way to change the sitemap generation settings? I am thinking of doing a 301 redirect to www but this won't work well if the sitemap references non www URLs. All the best
  2. clamor


    Hi I have just discovered the inbuilt sitemap generator and have decided to try it out. I usually upload a sitemap generated by external software. I have used the rebuild function under Maintenance and the sitemap has uploaded to my shopping cart which is located in a subdirectory of my site. . When I enter the URL path on IE Explorer I am given a message asking whether I want to open or save the file. The sitemap should be clearly visible. Also, I have submitted the sitemap.xml.gz file to Google webmaster tool. Would there be any problem in having two sitemaps on webmaster tools (the cubecart version in the subdirectory and the externally generated sitemap.xml)) - as I understand the cubecart sitemap generator will not include my separate landing page? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I was running version 5.0.7 and was having issues deleting images or folders through the file manager (just an error: Failed to delete file.showed up) and also under maintenance the sitemap rebuild always brings up an error too. I've updated to the most recent version this morning and still have this issue.Can anyone help point out something I can try to fix it? My site is also running very slowly compared to before the upgrade, the admin area especially. It's on my reseller account with no speed issues with any other sites so it doesn't appear to be down to the hosting. Any help would be much appreciated.
  4. hi, i use 3th party mod to generate sitemap and submit to google , just don't understand that there is a few url is indexed by google, but there is 8100 url submited to google , below is the link to that http://www.justyouandyou.com/sitemap-xml.php any one have idea
  5. Hi folks... had the CC staff do upgrade to 5.1 from 4x over past couple of days, and have been going through and trying to ensure we're back and working with the payment gateways, emails, etc. ... Ran into one problem, when I go to CC maintenance > database > rebuild sitemap I get the red error "Failed to Rebuild Sitemap" message. Where is the directive to build sitemap first time, or does there need to be empty 777 sitemap.xml file added to the store root ? Before I start messing with the skins or anything else wanted to make sure all the "base" stuff is back in place and working correctly since this is a production site. Any pointers or suggestions would be helpful before I put in a support ticket or check the bug dbase. :-)
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