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Many have prolly seen my site lately, but I'm officially offering it up in "Show Off" now and welcoming comments.

The last time I showed the site in Skins & Templates I had alot of great feedback. Vrakas and others really detested my colorful "Security Key," and Jen got a big laugh out of my MEGA-SIZED shopping cart :)

Since then I've replaced the key graphic, and moved the cart box into the header. Other improvements,

  • Site Docs populated - finally got those pages going.
  • Free downloads area. Adding free products has been too much of a headache for me, so a new approach has been taken for handling free downloads.
  • Color coordination. The last vestiges of green and orange buttons, blue buttons, etc. have been removed and everything is now in corresponding red.
  • A prominent disclaimer has been added to ensure that no one is confused by our URL into thinking this is in any way a Devellion website.

NOTE: Yes, I am aware that I have as yet done nothing about meta tags and SEO - that is coming (and I hope to lean on Roban a little for his expertise :P )

CC3.biz Website

TIA for your comments and further suggestions/criticisms :w00t:

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Thanks for mentioning me B)

What can i say about one of the master designers site :)

Excelent job :w00t:

Just a couple of little things, the top and bottom links could be a fraction smaller to match the rest of the site


all your site links change colour when mouse over apart from the header and footer bar links, i miss that :P

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