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Downloads URL screwed up . . .


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My store has been busy lately, but as of yesterday, it began generating some screwy download URLs that won't work. This is a HUGE problem for me right now, so if anyone has knowledge about how to fix this, please clue me in.

Here is a partial link generated by download.php and sent to the customer:


As you can see, admin// is being inserted for some reason.

I am about to look at the files, starting with global.inc - but if anyone else has had this and found the answer, please contact me.

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OK, nevermind, the URL was changed in global.inc.php to cc3.biz/admin/ . . . which brings me to . . .

WTF? :blink: Unexplained behavior worries me. Here are the crazy things I've experienced in my stores of late:

1. Images disappearing from uploads folder. Occasionally images just vanish. These are never the images linked directly to my products, they are extra images the I've linked to in the description - full-screen screenshots.

2. My 3.0.6 store somehow got replaced with a 3.0.3 store yesterday. That's when the downloads links forst began to break, and some old gateway issues I had with 3.0.3 resurfaced. I can't imagine how this could happen, unless my ftp made an unscheduled synchronize with some old files on my pc :wacko:

3. I have not touched my global.inc.php, yet the current problem.

Any guesses as to what might be happening

<eyelid twitching>


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Yeah. Some dork at the hosting company snarfed the server and restored a backup without telling anybody. Pay attention to your file modified dates/times....I think you'll find your answer there.


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