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3.0.12 Bug - many problems with Cookies


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Hi all,

Has anyone else experienced a lot of problems with CC 3.0.12 and cookies? With a fresh install, I am logged out when I change language or currency, and unless I clear my cookies out regularly, I won't even be able to login!

Any ideas?


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I had a customer who said he got logged out every time he went to view his basket. I told him to clear his cookies and cache and it still didn't work. So then I told him to check his firewall settings (just taking a wild guess) to see if maybe they were so strict it might be affecting things. He said as soon as he tried with the firewall off, everything worked fine. I don't know if it is his setup or the firewall software itself (some of them do more harm than good from my experience).

Might give that a try to see if it still does it without the firewall, if you have one on.

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