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Cubecart_sessions table lock up


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I have a couple of stores doing the same thing. One store is 3.0.12 and the other is 3.0.14. All was fine with the first store for many months and then the overhead on the Cubecart_sessions table started skyrocketing every day and it would lock up. I would use PHPMyAdmin to repair the table and it would work for a day or two and then the same thing.

Now it hasn't done it for a couple of weeks but the overhead is still very high and I have to optimize the table often.

I opened a new store last week and it is now doing this. The overhead on the sessions table is skyrocketing but the traffic to the store is very light. Could something in the program be causing some sort of loop of activity to this table? I only see overhead build up in MYSQL tables when there is a lot of adding and deleting of data.

As I said, the traffic is really light on this store but there are already many thousands of sessions in the table and the overhead builds up even with just a couple of visits to the store.

Any clues on this? I have both stores modded a bit, but I don't think that would affect sessions.


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