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Windows Vista

Al Brookbanks

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I've not heard bad things but then again I've not heard of anyone upgrading!!! :wacko:

I do recall there being some security issues which had to be patched and that iTunes wasn't working to begin with.

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... More secure, ...
Think again, the coding in OSX is not more secure, it only gives impression of better security as it only makes up a small percentage of the volume of computers in the wild. Why target a minority group which would result in a minimal effect. If Apple do take over the world, Macs will start to become a target and Apple will see the same issues that MS are seeing now. Software can be hacked by software. Fact.

Recently an individual reported a 'month of Apple bugs' to hightlight the issues that really surround OSX. Hardened Mac fans are in denial over the potential vulnerabilities that have not yet been discovered. Maybe they never will as Windows is the target at the moment, and probably will be for some time to come.

For the record, I use both Macs and PCs. And I've made both crash at some point or another... :wacko:

I've used Vista a few times, and think it's quite nice, with some nice 'bells and whistles'. I have yet to experience it in a production environment to fully appreciate it. Will probably get a new PC at some point, or at least get the Action Pack.

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I installed an XP driver for a very old HP scanner. Huge mistake as the computer wouldn't reboot and turned itself into standby. After booting in safe mode and doing a restore it is working but I get frequent messages concerning a problem with Media Player stopping since. I can't see how it is connected but the timing is the same.

However everything seems to work so it's not an issue.

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