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Moving search box & session box

Guest lordbarron

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Guest lordbarron

Hi folks, another day another problem. well actually this has been bothering me for some time.

my site www.lordbarron.com/store has a background image which i want the {session} and {searchForm} to posistion into specifically. But because they are in the same div, class (wateva i dont get css) it treats it like text and the line spacing in every browser is different so it looks out of place. I want to get the vertical alignment perfect and consistant with all browsers, as its surposed to sit onto the background I made.

I think i need to add extra css elements one for the search and one for the session in my layout.css, then change the .tpl files so they call that css element and wollah i have two boxes within the "topheader" which I can move independantly within the "topheader". Does that make sense? If not heres my code, please please tell me what bits I have to change.


#topHeader {

	text-align: right;

	margin-bottom: 10px;

	padding-right: 5px;

	padding-top: 5px;





<div id="pageSurround">

	<div id="topHeader">

		[color=#FF0000]<<<<<a new box within top header here to hold the search box>>>>[/color]


		[color=#FF0000]<<<<<a new box within top header here to hold the session box>>>>[/color]


		[color=#FF0000]<<<<<a new box here to add a flash element>>>>[/color]




<!-- BEGIN: search_form -->

<form action="index.php" method="get">

		<span class="txtSession"><strong>{LANG_SEARCH_FOR}</strong></span> <input name="searchStr" type="text" class="searchBox" id="searchStr" value="{SEARCHSTR}" size="20" />

		<input type="hidden" name="act" value="viewCat" />


<!-- END: search_form -->


<!-- BEGIN: session -->

<!-- BEGIN: session_false -->

	<p><span class="txtSession">{LANG_WELCOME_GUEST}<br />

	</span><span class="txtSession"> [</span><a href="index.php?act=login&amp;redir={VAL_SELF}" class="txtSession">{LANG_LOGIN}</a> <span class="txtSession">|</span> <a href="cart.php?act=reg&amp;redir={VAL_SELF}" class="txtSession">{LANG_REGISTER}</a><span class="txtSession">]</span>

	  <!-- END: session_false -->


	  <!-- BEGIN: session_true -->

	  <span class="txtSession">{LANG_WELCOME_BACK} {TXT_USERNAME} [</span><a href="index.php?act=logout" class="txtSession">{LANG_LOGOUT}</a> <span class="txtSession">|</span> <a href="index.php?act=account" class="txtSession">{LANG_YOUR_ACCOUNT}</a><span class="txtSession">]</span>

	  <!-- END: session_true -->


<!-- END: session -->

I've made several attempts but i cock it up all the time. If anyone is really bored, I also want to move the catagories up there too inbetween the session and search. and below the search put a flash file in.

thank you thank you thank you. you've all been legends these last few days!

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Guest lordbarron

Here is a good start if you want to learn css


btw. i think you should change the annoying animated gif...

cheers for the link, ill check it out. and for the record im loving that favicon! y does it annoy so many ppl, 2 ppl in the last two days have said ditch it!, maybe I should bow down to popular demand.

thanks again.

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You really don't understand? It is constantly moving, and so it is annoying. I use FireFox, so I see it moving both in address bar and tab. It is so annoying, I would click off your site without caring what you might sell.

There may be some people who would actually enjoy the constant motion, evidently you are one? At any rate, I'm sure there are many like me who would actually avoid your site because of it. Not a good thing for an ecommerce store :D

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Guest lordbarron

Tricks and gimmicks are not what selling is all about. Lose the favicon.

Ok, well just a quick question then, my homepage www.lordbarron.com has a different look to my store www.lordbarron.com/store so what if i wanted a favico for both, could i just put a favico in my store folder?

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favicons are GOOD not BAD, they can aid in branding and when a visitor browses with tabs they can identify your tab. It is the constant motion that is extremely annoying. Try a static favicon, or one that moves for a few seconds then is forever still until reloaded. I put one like that on this site, and no one has complained about it at all. The constant motion is distracting to me, that's what you should consider doing away with :)

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