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HELP extra forward slash in url means can not add products to cart


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Hi Hope some one can help me quickly!

I built a wonderful cubecart site for a client who in all is delighted with it. However today I was doing some very minor css edits to the site. and installing google analytics. I also repaired the database via phpMyadmin

I have just discovered that products are no longer getting put in the basket. but the browser is displaying http://index.php/?act=viewCat&catId=12

There is an extra forward slash in the url after the domain name when viewing the site which could be causing the problem.

But all in all I think I need someone to look at it as I'm not too sure what the problem is or how to effectively describe it!

I will be on line and email-able. If someone could please help

Thank you in advance for being wonderful!


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The URL you posted looks like it may have been edited, however if it has not, then you might need to know that the domain (www.site.com) is not part of the URL.

Other than that, I see what you mean by an 'extra' slash after the index.php filename.

Can you post a URL to the site?

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Hi Alan,

THanks for answering!

ok url is http://www.mrsmithunderwear.com

whats happening is as you navigate the site the url turns to =


with the extra forward slash after the domain name.

Then when you try and add a product to the basket it goes to:


which of course displays an error page.

You see my frustration at how to discribe this? Its kind of bonkers!


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I only just saw the extra slash after the index.php/

theres something really strange going on here - I've just checked the site on my laptop and its working fine on it. But for the life of me it won't work on the desktop (and I am able to navigate other cubecart stores on the desktop).

There has been a dramatic reduction in orders placed in the last three months.

I'm now thinking this is perhaps linked?

But how can this be happening on some computers and not others?

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Well, for some reason I'm able to browse through your site just fine. Category pages, product pages, registration page, links from the Latest Products, Shop by Category, Popular Products, .......

It seems that everything is working on my end. And with no extra slashes, either.

My guess is that there's something up with the browser on your desktop machine.

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ok thanks for your help - it reassuring to know its working!

I'm still concerned as to why the shop has so dramatically fallen in sales in the last three month. and if there are others suffering from this strange occurance!

Will try and sort out my browser - though I was able to use my other two cubecart shops no problem.

So weird.

I really appreciate your assistance!

Thank you

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I can say that my sales were up for the first 3 months of the year and then slipped a bit after that. April and May are generally slow months for my site anyways, though. June was also a slow month, which doesn't normally happen, but then again I have been focused on writing a new book instead of doing any marketing.

I guess what I'm saying is that the last 3 months have been slow on my site too, although I haven't been surprised by that, and my experience shouldn't be taken as a rule for the Internet in general.

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