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Viewing skins offline


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Hi. I'm a newbie like a few people on this forum and I have a question (obviously.....). Anyway, I'm just starting my store and I was wondering if there was a way of viewing your store skin offline. I realise it might be a stretch working on my custom skin without any GUI program to help me out but I am hoping that I can still view my progress offline as I learn to do this.


Paul :)

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Thanks, Burgensteen. I'll try it out.

Don't get me wrong in regards to using the search function but sometimes you can't find things in the exact phrasing you want sometime or sometimes things have different meanings. When I meant 'offline' I meant 'not connected to the internet'. When I did a search before, all I came across was an 'offline' option but you still need to be connected to the net.

Anyway, thanks again for that help.


Paul :P

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