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Image Errors Vs 4.01.orc


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Guest crease-guard

Yes, I have the same issue. I noticed the acutual gif file name was not in the subdirectory. So I copied the current up and down arrow gifts and renamed them to the one that is being referenced and that still didn't work.


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Guest Cru Jones

I'm having this problem too but maybe I can expand on the weirdness of this issue. I seem to only be getting the Red X when I'm trying to view the arrow GIF's in the Site Documents area of the Control Panel. When I view the images in things like View Products or View Customers, the GIF's show up just fine.

The difference is when I go to the Properties of the images that don't show up my path shows up as:


When I go to the Properties of the images that DO show up fine my path shows up as:


I confirmed the arrow_down.gif image exists in both the images/admin and the admin/images directories and it does so I don't know why it would correctly show the path under some images but not others.

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Guest Cru Jones

Just a little update to what I just posted...

I went into the includes\global.inc.php and changed the 'rootRel' from '/' to 'mystorename.com' and saved.

All of the other images in my Admin Home were all screwed up but the arrow GIF's in my Site Documents home screen showed up fine now. Obviously I'd rather have the rest of my Admin Page working so I changed it back.

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