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Wheres all the activity?

Guest viper

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I have been offline from the internet for one and a half week becouse the lightning made a cristmas tree out of my computer :wacko:

But its looks like the activity on the forum is dampened :( or is it just for the moment? I havent seen Angp or brjones33 online for quite a while now :wacko:

And Brooky get your ass going and get the mod´s database done fast (Just kidding but i want it to be done so i can upload some mod´s to the people)

Well hope the activity is going up soon :wacko:

Have a nice day!

Best Regards,


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I agree I have been lame as I now have this to run and a job which makes me have to abandon this from 7:30am to 7:30 pm :(

I have not heard from Brain (BrJones) for quite some time. I hope all is well and AngP has been quite ill :(

Time are not great for CubeCart... however I will make sure it goes from strength to strength and continue to grow. ;)

It is a part of me now... and won't ever let it go... :D

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Guest imacman233

That is great news Brooky. The part about CubeCart and never letting it go. As for AngP, I hope she gets to feeling better. I have missed seeing her posts appear on this site.

As for the mods, any news when there will be some available for download? I have been trying to make a few of my from eStore compatabile with CC. Haven't had much time though.

Great job on the final release. Doesn't seem to be any bugs found. ;)

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Guest i-netmedia

Did cubecart get released and then die?


Not at all, as Al said above CubeCart will go from strength to strength and there are some very cool mods in development, a lot of us would love to spend more time developing CubeCart and browsing the forums but as most have bills to pay time is often short, especially if you are also subscribed to lots of other forums and projects.

CubeCart is alive and well...



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