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Will Cubecart work for my site?

Guest jmase

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I need an ecommerce solution and payment gateway for my new business... I have done loads of research already but there are so many options that I am still rather confused.

I need an ecommerce solution that is easy to customize and flexible. Will CubeCart work for me?

I have a website design ready to go and will only have about 10-12 products at any one time on there.

I dont HAVE to have an accounts system for users, but it would be a nice feature - However, a working, fully functional checkout would suffice.

I have put together 3 images to roughly demonstrate how I want my site and basket to work:

Ok, so this is the home page "quick site gome page.jpg" - the 3 PC Systems in the main banner are clickable and take the user to another page. Note there are no "Add to cart" buttons here. The user then clicks on the "Gaming PC" section of the banner or the "Gaming PC's" from the navigation bar in the left column

"quick gaming Page psd.jpg"

This takes the user to the main gaming PC's page - On this page all of the gaming pc's are displayed with a little bit of information. Say for example, the user likes the look of PC2 - So they click on the "more info and buy" button which takes them to this page:

"Quick PC2 Page psd.jpg"

This page has more detailed specs and information about PC2 and finally a button to "add to basket" - Once the system is in the users basket, they can then checkout and enter payment information.

Pretty simple, but I need something that fits in with my 3 column design and I just dont know what to pick!!!

Also, I need to select an appropriate payment gateway. I was looking into RBSWorldPay or Paypal and they look pretty good... Any other solutions I should look at? Ive heard Cubecart also has a payment gateway solution.. Is this correct?

Any advice is muchly appreciated thanks!

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Hi Jmase,

Looking at the images, this is fairly standard Cubecart stuff.

On the homepage of the site, there can be "featured products". By default these are the last xx products added to the system, but you can switch this off and simply add the images using the editor of the homepage (with each image linking to pages/categories)

It sounds like you'll have a "Gaming PC" category, and this could contain a list of Gaming PC systems (ie 2 or 3...or 200!). Clicking on a specific PC system will display the product with its specs and details, and provide a "add to cart" button.

From then on, the standard CubeCart checkout process will run - ie customer provides address details, selects shipping, and finally provides payment.

Cubecart can offer multiple payment systems, so you should be able to offer PayPal AND RBSWorldpage (I think its called SagePay now.. but could be wrong!)

So - to achieve this, you'll either need a knowledge of XHTML and CSS to implement your template. Cubecart has a few 3-col templates built-in, and one of these would make a good start with regards to customisation.

Most of what you require is "out of the box", but some features may need 3rd party modifications (free or commercial).

I would say that good photos are important - so if you're actually building these systems yourself, then invest in a decent set-up to take photos.

I hope this helps,


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