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Keep Losing Store Config / Settings.....


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Hoping someone is experiencing the same problem and can suggest a fix....?

I have been running the latest version of cubecart and have fully updated the database and all seems well.....I am receiving and processing orders. However for some unknown reason, I keep losing the store settings! The store can be working fine for days and then suddenly when going to login to admin panel, it asks me to enter a valid license key!

I enter my key again in the box provided, to find my store in a mess, and all the store config settings have be wiped. It takes me 1-2 hours to restore to original settings! This has happened three times in the last week now! It also happened a few times when working with 5.2 and 5.3.

I have been in touch with support who can't find the problem either?? The error log shows no recent issues? I just don't know what to do! I feel like I cannot take my eyes off the site! especially as I have internet advertising running constantly along with media / press adds...

(I have indeed deleted the setup folder, and made the global read only...so not possible for a third party to be doing this you would think?)

Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you


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I was hoping for an answer on this, as we have had the same problem twice now on a live site, the most recent in the last 3 days, reported to support this am and I will help on it. The site became disabled, like a trial key expiring yet it is fully paid for. I had to revalidate all keys back into CCadmin, and all the site settings had been lost. :angry2: I have logged a support call. but I cannot give them ftp access, but this should not mean that a knowleagable answer or reason for this occurring should not be disclosed.

it is as though the config table has been emptied during tha site license check at some point, the same thing that happens with the license check and invalidating a trial site. But every other table was fine.. Im now making a copy of the table just in case we lose all the information again, so we can recover.. I would like to know how this can happen on a live site installed only a short time ago.. running v.5.0.6.

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Just happened to me again this morning - yesterday was all fine then today same problem as reported earlier: backend asks for a license key, store frnt end shows no logo and about 75 "popular products". I must again reenter the key to gain access to the backend, then I must restore store settings from backup through phpMyAdmin in cpanel.

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