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Resolved - Single Gateway Return to Checkout Loop

Dirty Butter

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I distinctly remember this being solved somewhere, but for the life of me I can't find it. There's a really simple code change someone shared to keep the single gateway from getting in a loop.

In testing something else, I just made a test order but cancelled it and returned to the site rather than actually paying on PayPal. That's the only payment choice I offer.

I want it to take me back to the basket, but it goes back to the page that is waiting for the PayPal page to load, so it's in effect in a loop.

index.php?_a=confirm is what I want, instead of a=gateway, but I don't know which file to change.

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I know this is an old topic but I recently had to do this myself so I though it might help others in the future if I posted what I did.
Edit the modules/gateway/PayPal/gateway.class.php file. At around line 75 you should find the following line of code:


'cancel_return' => $GLOBALS['storeURL'].'/index.php?_a=gateway',


change it to this


'cancel_return' => $GLOBALS['storeURL'].'/index.php?_a=confirm',

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