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"//" in src path for thumbnail image


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in content.category.php is producing a "//" in the src URL like:


I have started reskinning from an existing skin that had mutiple colour options and this looks like a hangover from this, in that it is looking for a relevant subfolder, then having not found one (correctly) still puts in a trailing forward slash.

Can't find where it is set any pointers please?

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In your skin's config.xml file there is a <styles> section. It looks something like this (copied from Mican):


<style images="true" default="true">



<description><![CDATA[blue style]]></description>

<default />


<style images="true">



<description><![CDATA[Pink style]]></description>


<style images="true">



<description><![CDATA[black style]]></description>



Delete it.

You might also need to go to Store Settings > Layout and click Save, just to make sure Cubecart knows there aren't any styles. And if you have caching enabled, clear the cache.

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Thanks Viola.

Removing the styles section of the XML file was one of the very first thigs I did. Sorting images into correct folders was next along with making sure that all the deafult images were included.

I have cleared the cache many times.

The images are being displayed - just that the source code for <img src="path"> gets the path malformed when it is using the deault image - there is a '//'.

All I was wondering was is this a sign of other underlying problems? But I can't find the template were this path is set to see if I have messed with it or it is a template problem.

(Much like the image path for the store logo is wrong throughout the shopping basket, and was wrong in the original before I started messing)

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You could try switching to one of the stock skins and see if you still get the //. That might narrow down the problem.

Only other thing I can think of at this point is to check check Store Settings > SSL and make sure you don't have a trailing / where there shouldn't be one.

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It happens in all the flavours I have tried without colour varient sub-folders. bsmither suggests that it is the way that getProductImage method in gui.class.php that doing it. Ithink he is right! Specifically this bit of code:

if (isset($this->_skin_data['images'][$mode])) {

   $default = $this->_skin_data['images'][$mode]['default'];

   if (($files = glob('skins'.CC_DS.$this->_skin.CC_DS.'{images,styleImages}'.CC_DS.'{common,'.$this->_style.'}'.CC_DS.$default , GLOB_BRACE)) !== false) {

    return $GLOBALS['storeURL'].'/'.str_replace(CC_DS, '/', $files[0]);



The fix is create a sub folder for deafault images called 'common' in either the main images folder or skins images folder.

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