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Cost of Upgrades


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When version 5 came out and version was being dropped from support Devellion offered upgrades to license holders for a small cost, I think it was around 50 dollars +/-. My host has upgraded to a current PHP and version 3 is not supported so I was thinking of upgrading to version 5, but I cant find any of the offer in the client area so I sent a ticket into sales to see what the cost was...

Milos replied and stated;

Since version 3 (and any older) was FREE for use there are NO

upgrade options available. If you already bought Copyright Removal Key

this is also working on version 5 either 4.

Hope it makes sense, full cost is the only option.

Kind Regards,

my reply is;

Whoa?? back the truck up a little bit here.. version 3 was not "free" maybe you should check my account with Devellion. We paid full price for version 3 !!.. when CubeCart decided to stop supporting version 3 you offered a upgrade to version 5 for 59 $ US,, are you now telling us you no longer wish to support your "Paying" customers??

Where are the upgrades if a "paying" customer wants to use version 5 ??

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Version 3 was free to use. You purchased a copyright removal key which is still usable on v4 and v5. The cost is for the software installation code which was introduced in v4, and the price increased for v5. The cost of going from v4 to v5 was the difference in price between v4 and v5 at the time. There were no upgrade offers for v3 because of this.

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