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Resolved - Uploading Product Images - Version 5.2.2


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I am trying to set up the CubeCart for use on the website www.bsap.org - Entering new products seems to be giving a few headaches when it comes to image uploads. 


I am here (per the image attachment)

When I press save, it all seems to be going fine, but no picture appears against the product in the listings.  I have read previous Topics on the subject, checked the permissions in relevant directories images/cache being one, but nothing seems to work.

A few tips on this would be welcome.


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I can't help, but someone who can will want to know about your setup. You'll find the directions in my signature. Be sure to say if this is a new install or upgrade, and if so, from what. List what skin you are using as well, and whether or not your images are in folders.


IF you do have your images in folders, please try uploading one straight to the uploads folder. Also, what size are your images? If they are large, you might try using a photo editor to limit the kb one takes up - not the width and length, and then try uploading it again to see what happens.


If you go in your browser to the full url of a loaded image, do you see it?

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Ian ?.  Goodness gracious, I have shot a man for less :-)


Anyway, the install was a bit of an upgrade. I went into the readme file on the V5.2.2 zip download and followed instructions as stated. I copied the files (overwrite) as stated  Once it had been completed, it appeared as though the images folder had dissapeared.  i went into the store (admin) and created a directory called images.  i then uploaded to this one and Viola things seemed to work.




aka Les

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