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Check out changing quanties to zero


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Hey all,


I've just upgraded to 5.2.4


On testing I found that if a customer makes an order, received by admin as pending, then logs out.......on returning to pay for their order the check out won't finalise the payment with the error message


"the following errors were detected:

Sorry, you can't buy more than we have. We have automatically reduced your quantity to the maximum available. Which in this case is zero.
The said order has consumed available stock already as I have the "reduce stock levels" at pending
If I enable "allow out of stock purchases in General Stock Settings it works fineBut I don't want to allow out of stock purchases.
I use the Product Option and the Options Matrix.
If this has been covered already I can't find it ...sorry.
regards Geoff
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I do not recall coming across this specific error, although something similar regarding coupon usage has been reported. (I don't know if it has been fixed.)

I see that the problem is that "reloading" a saved cart does not check for the logical truthiness of "Update Stock Levels on Order Pending" && the $item['stock_updated'] value.

But I do not know what would be involved to fix it. Nor do I yet know of a work-around.

I assume you have a good reason to "Update Stock at Pending". Have you, in fact, re-evaluated why "Update Stock at Processing" would absolutely not work for you?

You say you just upgraded to CC524. Can you state that you have experienced a different behavior in this regard with your previous version?

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Thanks Brian for your prompt reply..
There are some reasons for me to "updating stock at pending" however it's not life threatening. I'll change it to "update at processing" to correct this issue.
I've upgraded from V4 to V5....so it's only just come to light.
Thanks again for your help.
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