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What are the 'smarty' tag names for UPC, EAN, etc.


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skins/mican/templates/content.checkout.php has lines

{foreach from=$item.options item=option}
      <strong>{$option.option_name}</strong>: {$option.value_name|truncate:45:"&hellip;":true}
     {if !empty($option.price_display)} ({$option.price_display}){/if}

How would I add in, for example, the UPC, EAN code, etc.?

I imagine it's something like


but can't think of anything to make it work and there doesn't seem to be any documentation.

Any ideas?

Many thanks.


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In (CC525) Catalogue->getProductData (near line 454), there is a section that will fetch most data from the CC_option_matrix database table if there is an options_identifier. The data fetched is:

'stock_level' ,'product_code', 'upc', 'jan', 'isbn', 'image'

but not 'ean', nor are there columns for 'gtin' and 'mpn' like what is available in the CC_inventory table.


The keys/values of these columns are put in place of the related keys/values from the CC_inventory table. So, for each item in the shopping cart (a unique combination of chosen options makes a unique item), there will be the respective keys in the $item array.

$item.stock_level, $item.product_code, $item.upc, $item.jan, $item.isbn, $item.image


But these are valid only if there is a value to be had. For example, if 'jan' is null in the database, then $item.jan will be empty. So it's best to test {if !empty($item.jan)}{$item.jan}{/if}

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