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I have the problem very much similar to >this conversation.


I have modified the javascript to be this:

        if ($(this).hasClass('form-name')) {
            var formname = $(this).attr('rel');console.debug('CubeCart: auto-submitting '+formname);
        } else {console.debug('CubeCart: auto-submitting '
            +'this:'+$(this).attr('src')+' '

The console reports the string, then nothing. The submit() function does not fire. Even in the console where I can execute this:


Nothing happens.


I have commented out the plugins.php call thinking that there may be javascript binding interfering, but no change.


(It seems the currency and language drop-down selectors also don't work. I'll have to make some experiments with that.)


I have made very few and inconsequential changes to the CC527 Mican skin.


I have not yet tried on a different browser, nor a different skin, but looking at the template code for all the skins, there is no difference to how content.gateway.php is coded.

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Further experiments show (not conclusively) that the jQuery function .submit() is not triggering when the page comes from "localhost" or "".


The form does get submitted when the page comes from a regular URL (example.com).


I find no discussion about any difference in how jQuery or Firefox behaves with respect to where the page comes from.

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That's a weird one.. falsely triggering some kind of anti cross site scripting perhaps?


Have a try of plain javascript maybe, give this a go?




Used that before on custom POS sites set up on localhost via xampp, so if that gets blocked as well, sounds like something weird's going on


I'm assuming that code is in a document ready section yeah? If not, then that might be why, depending on page load times sometimes the dom for the form or image might be getting found, others not

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The javascript seems to be working - most of the time. I was getting confused while looking at a half-dozen diagnostic reports.


The blame is currently being assigned to a third-party gateway not cooperating with CC527. I think. That may change.

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The blame has been narrowed down to the web server I am using: Hiawatha 9.2.


It could very well be a configuration issue with how PHP gets launched as a FastCGI application. Or it just could be Hiawatha. A super-simple cURL test fails.


With using Abyss X1v2.8, the gateway performs as expected and the super-simple cURL test works fine.

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