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Paging of orders and products not working after migration


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In the admin area, when viewing the orders list and the products list, when you click on any page numbers you are bounced back to the overview/dashboard.


I can't navigate to the second page of products to edit them, or view any orders after the first page.




php v5.3


Recently moved from a different server, that is when it broke. The old server was running an older version of php. Not sure what went wrong.



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This post may shed some light on the subject:


I think, if you post at www.cubecartforums.org, there may be someone there who can get you the proper file for PHP5.3.


Or, if your store is running under the Zend Loader, you may want to coordinate with your hosting provider to make sure that ionCube is available, and use that.



Although, your specific experience suggests your store can operate with the version of PHP you mention - just not the paging.

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