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Disable automatic registeration

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Hi all,

We are starting a wholesale business, so we'd like customers to register but only if the have a valid ABN/business number. We're not live yet, but hopefully soon. At the moment if we were to go live anyone could register, by putting in a bogus business number and start shopping immediately (we added an ABN/business number and business name field in the registration page).  We've also hidden prices for non-registered visitors.

What would our options be?

Is there a way the registration form could be an email form and they send their registration details to us and then we manually register them after checking their bona fides?

Or can I somehow remove the standard registration page and get them to just email their details via a link on the homepage or via a different registration page, maybe a document page?

We're running version 5.2.12

Thanks in advance!


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Welcome Trickster61! Glad to see you made it to the forums.


I think this mod will solve most, but not all, of what you need:



Anyone can still register, but then the admin will need to move verified registrants to the "wholesale" customer group. Then the mod will "reveal" your products to that group. From the mod's description, it seems that all evidence of the product/category will be hidden - not just the price.

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I've written a plugin that will allow a customer to register, but will, by default, set that customer's status to 'disabled'. Thus, the customer will not be able to log in until the admin sets that customer's status to enabled.
Coupled with the CubeCart config setting, "Hide prices until logged in", this will allow the store owner to validate the credentials of the registrant before allowing prices to be seen.
This version of the plugin is the minimum of what you need, there are more features that can be added. For example:

* because the customer cannot log in, make a better Warning Msg that, "User/Pass may be wrong, or you are not yet validated."
* an email to the admin/customer when there is a registration (but there is this already: http://www.cubecartforums.org/index.php?showtopic=17706)
* an email to the customer when that customer's status and/or Customer Group membership changes
Would you be willing to experiment with this plugin?

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