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I'm new to the forum, I'm sorry if this question has been asked many times before, but I have scoured the net and have found nothing that helps.


I was wondering if there was a way of adding product options, say Colours- Black and Blue, and then giving them an attribute, such as Small or Medium, but only making Black available in Small whilst making Blue available in both small and medium.



I have many products that are the same but some are only available with certain options, and the customer needs to be aware that they are choosing, so option sets are of no use. 


As it stands I've had to duplicate products, which is ok, but not ideal. 


If there is no way of doing this is there a plugin I could use?


Thank you in advance.

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Welcome Jo B! Glad to see you made it to the forums.


CubeCart 5 uses a feature called an Options Matrix. For any product, once options are assigned, there should be displayed a second table with every combination of options. In this matrix table, you can enable/disable any particular combination.


However, CubeCart is not yet sophisticated enough to dynamically update the option pickers on the View Product storefront page. That is, CubeCart will display all choices for Size and all choices for Color, and only warn the customer if a particular combination is not available when attempting to add it to the cart.


I have occasionally been working on a mod that when any one option has been chosen, an ajax call to the store would fetch an updated list of choices for the other options.

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