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[Resolved] New Recaptcha not working


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Searched butĀ couldn't find a definitive answer for this...."verify you're a human" but no image loaded and you can't register. Original reCaptcha works fine..

.screen shot attached.

Thanks in advance....


CubeCart Version
PHP Version


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If the image above is when you have selected in CubeCart's admin, Store Settings, Features tab, "Enable reCAPTCHA" choosing "New reCaptcha", then I will conclude that the skin you are using is not coded to fetch the "New reCaptcha" API and display it.

For skin to show this, there should be a template content.recaptcha.head.php, and in the template content.recaptcha.php, there should be code that tests for $RECAPTCHA==='2'.

I do not see any of that in your skin templates.

Your skin has the look of a modified Kurouto, which is not coded to show the "New reCaptcha" that CC6 has incorporated.

But we can make changes to your 'picco3' skin to make it so.

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