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Replace $0 with Call For Price

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I want to replace the text that says $0 with Call for Price. I have done this before, but when I updated it reverted, and I can't for the life of me find where I go to change this! Please help.

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It would be in one or more files in the skins/foundation/templates folder, such as in content.product.php.

Search for e.g.:


And replace with e.g.:

{if $PRODUCT.price == 0}Call for price{else}{$PRODUCT.price}{/if}

Note that the price field at this point is typically formatted to e.g. '$5.00' and may change with selected currency, so you may be better off manipulating this at the server level.

Either way, you run the risk of unintended consequences, so be sure to thoroughly test any changes you make before putting them live.

I would also recommend using some sort of version control software, such as Git, to help you track your changes. This way you not only have a history of changes you've made that you can easily reapply when updating, but you also have that same history available to cross reference when debugging any mess you happen to create by editing the files - it's saved me a lot of time on many occasions. ;)

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