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  1. The way the 'Featured Products' section works is that it selects one random product from among all that are marked as featured in the database. If you set your 3 products as featured, each time the page loads one from among those 3 will be shown. If you would like to show all 3 at once, that will require editing both the back end (probably category class) and the front end (the skin). On the back end, just find wherever the featured product is selected and change it to have no limit or a larger limit, and return an array of all the found products. On the front end, iterate through that array and display them in a column similar to how 'Sales Products' are displayed.
  2. I'm not sure how the session cleanup is supposed to work, but it doesn't appear to be working. After setting the session save_path manually in cPanel, and making only that one change, sessions are getting stored in CubeCart's includes/extra directory, which they weren't before, even though that is not the path I specified. This directory is now full of sessions starting from 10/23. I'll check tomorrow to see if those get deleted - perhaps it's on a rolling 1-week basis.
  3. Oddly enough, my store is already set up to use the /extra folder, at least according to phpinfo. And yet, until I changed the setting via cpanel, my sessions were getting deleted after 20 minutes. Note that my cpanel setting is different than that in my CubeCart config, and always has been. The original was the default /tmp, to which I simply appended a new directory e.g. /tmp/new_but_unique_ish When I view files on the server, there are session files stored in both the CubeCart-specified directory and the /tmp directory (but not the new one, which I didn't actually create a directory for). Those in CC's directory are current, those in /tmp are from prior to me changing the directory in cPanel. Also of note is that the ones in CC's directory do not appear to be getting garbage collected as there are significantly more from today than any day still in /tmp. Thinking on this, it seems that cPanel's save_path counts as the path being specified as far as CubeCart is concerned, so CC's was not being used and I was stuck with the default. Viewing the files on my server, though, shows that the session save folder is definitely not shared with others - /tmp is in the same server directory as my /public_html folder. So... now I really have no idea what's going on.
  4. Thanks, Keat, that has lead me to what I believe is the solution. Turns out that on shared hosting, the site with the shortest session.gc_maxlifetime variable ends up cleaning out the entire sessions directory because there is no way for it to tell which session file belongs to which site. See this StackOverflow answer. I can only assume that a month or two ago, a new site was hosted with the default session lifetime and started cleaning up everyone's session files. By setting a custom session save path, I should be able to avoid this problem. I guess I'll know in 20 minutes!
  5. That's the conclusion I came to as well. Our store is on shared hosting so they may be clearing session data more frequently than normal. Hopefully that is something they'll be able and willing to change...
  6. It would be in one or more files in the skins/foundation/templates folder, such as in content.product.php. Search for e.g.: {$PRODUCT.price} And replace with e.g.: {if $PRODUCT.price == 0}Call for price{else}{$PRODUCT.price}{/if} Note that the price field at this point is typically formatted to e.g. '$5.00' and may change with selected currency, so you may be better off manipulating this at the server level. Either way, you run the risk of unintended consequences, so be sure to thoroughly test any changes you make before putting them live. I would also recommend using some sort of version control software, such as Git, to help you track your changes. This way you not only have a history of changes you've made that you can easily reapply when updating, but you also have that same history available to cross reference when debugging any mess you happen to create by editing the files - it's saved me a lot of time on many occasions.
  7. First noticed on 6.1.10 and still happens on 6.1.12. Short periods of inactivity (20-30 minutes) cause me to automatically be logged out of the admin control panel. Note that this appears to only affect the live store (tested in both Chrome and FireFox). My locally hosted test site does not exhibit this behavior, which leads me to suspect it may not be CubeCart causing this issue. Is there perhaps a server setting that would be causing this to happen?
  8. You need to set the MX entry in cPanel to Local Mail Exchanger and give it up to 24 hours to propagate. Oh yeah, and you can't use PHPMailer (or at least I haven't been able to and ran out of time/patience trying to get it to work); use PHP's built-in mail() function instead. Good times.
  9. Same here. I always recommend compressing the database backup with 7-zip, winzip, etc. and then using phpMyAdmin's import tool to run it - it's very fast and can handle a LOT of data.
  10. Thanks! I wrote it for my own use and figured I'd toss it up on GitHub. It's not a pretty interface and some of the product warnings aren't useful / entirely accurate, but it gets the job done. For the OP, it doesn't update stock levels, but with a little MySQL/PHP knowledge, it wouldn't be difficult to modify it to do so.
  11. I wrote a simple script that updates prices from .csv - I use it for my site all the time. If you have any questions about using it, ask away and I'll try to respond in a timely fashion.
  12. You could put it wherever you want, yes, provided you make sure to assign the customer group data to SMARTY before whatever page it is you want to display it on is loaded.
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