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  1. The above would only apply to existing items; you'd have to do some of the edits bsmither mentioned and/or change the database column default value to 'in' instead of null in order to have new items default to inches as well.
  2. I ran a simple SQL query to update all my existing product listings to default to inches: UPDATE `CubeCart_inventory` SET `dimension_unit`='in'; They still will not display any product dimensions until you specify width/depth/height, but at least you won't have to select 'inches' every time when you do.
  3. I don't suppose anyone has already made a CubeCart module for TaxJar? Nothing came up when searching the plugins.
  4. Looks like it might do the trick! Cheers!
  5. Since it looks like US online retailers are going to have to start charging sales tax regardless of nexus, does anyone know of a comprehensive sales tax solution that integrates with CubeCart and handles state, county, city and any other special district taxes based on the delivery address?
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