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Discount vouchers in version 6? - Answered by self


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How do I create a discount voucher in CC 6.1?

I can find gift certificates (effectively a deposit) but not discount coupons.  The two are quite distinct from an accounting and tax point of view and not interchangeable.

Question answered:

Moments after I posted this, of course, I found them under Promotional Codes, mysteriously filed under Inventory.  Which is where Coupons were listed in olden times too.  So I have no excuse.


My current quaint version 4.3.4 store allows me to issue a discount voucher for $10 or 10% depending on whim and the amount of customer dissatisfaction that I am trying to mitigate.

I use it in the unfortunate case when the shipping calculator cooks up a number that is embarrassingly different to the stamps on the box.  I don't feel the need to issue a refund (after all, they thought the shipping was acceptable when they placed the order) but the discount voucher adds some goodwill and may well initiate another order.

This is clearly not a gift certificate - it is, in this case, a credit.


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