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Request total @ checkout + hide SKUs + Bespoke image filepath

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Hi there,

I'm unable to leave suggestions in the suggestions forum, l'm unsure why. I'm being asked to create a new account. I feel l've created enough logins so far, really don't want to make yet another one for a forum l've already registered for!

Here are my suggestions:

- Must be possible for buyers to request the total for a group of items in one basket. That's an approximate way of giving bulk buy / combined shipping to my buyers on the fly.
- SKU should be made invisible to buyers, but visible to the seller in all eMails sent to the seller about any item
- Must be possible to specifiy a completely different route for the images, instead of the cart's own dedicated images folder. I already have a very large amount of images on my allocated server space. They are used by my eBay adverts (inline, within the HTML).

- And finally: allow people to post in the suggestions forum without having to make yet another account. Suggestions are your lifeblood!

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One more suggestion:

Allow user-created list of item conditions e.g. "New - Other" or "For Spares / Repair" or "New Oldstock"
Or at least, add these to the existing list of 3 condition options on the pulldown menu

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