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Shipping Rate Table - Can I Upload Excel Format?

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Hi there,

I have in mind the "All in one shipping" extension  but l didn't want to post under that extension in the extensions forum, because the extension itself and queries about it, are multi-faceted and so it would be hard for people to get the relevant info. Feel free to merge with the extension thread though, if you really feel it's better over there than an independent thread.


SO anyway:

- Can l store my shipping rates as an excel file, and hence upload the rates via admin control panel, so that they would appear in my (for example) the "All in one shipping" extension?

- If so, is there a template spreadsheet l can work with?

- If not then why not?! :)

By the way, when l download an extension, do l only download the topmost zip folder, or am l meant to download the entire array? I thought the entire array were the releases for that version, as opposed to constituting an entire version.

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Please may l make the following suggestions:

- We need a postage policy template as a spreadsheet

- We need to be able to upload the completed template direct to the cart via cart admin control panel, in the same way as bulk inventory is loaded (my postage policy spreadsheet has 66 rows and 72 columns).

- We need to be able to upload categories in the same way (l have over 100 categories).


This would be good (more like, essential) for:

- Transferring existing online marketplace inventory

- Setting up multiple carts from different cart vendors (please don't try to lock-in, it's depressing, we already had enough of that from our existing online marketplaces that we're trying to break away from!)



I don't want to mess around with PHPMyAdmin by the way - but will if l must. Would be nice to get the lowdown on that.

Really though, guess what ... l want to buy, list, sell, post.

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