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Has anyone applied 2FA with PayPal.

I'm getting rather frustrated with PayPal, and thier inability to provide any meaningful support.

They keep sending me around in circles.


Firstly, they suggested I install Symantec VIP authenticator, and whilst the install of the app is painless on a PC, how to configure this to work with PayPal took over a week of back and forth before I finally recieved the information required.

Once the app is installed, there are two methods to authenticate

Scan a QR code, or have the app provide a secure key.

I can't scan a QR code as this relies on using a mobile phone, and sort of defeats the object.

I'm tightening up security, but a trusted user could still log in to paypal from home and steal from us.

So whats the point of 2FA using a private device.


The second option works OK, where by the Symantec authenticator app provides a secure key.

However, it's limited to four token ID's, and I have about 6 users in different parts of the business.


Anyone else in a similar predicament. ?



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