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Where to retrieve debug logs?

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Hi all,

Sorry, I know it's a dumb question, but I am pretty new here. I'm working on an extension, and to assist me in the development I'm trying to use a debugging facility which I found in another plug-in. Something like:


Where the debug and echo-debug functions are defined above:




I got this debug from the All In One Shipping module and the echo_debug wording suggests that it's supposed to appear at the bottom of my webpages whenever I activate the debugging mode. But while I'm certain that the function calculate is called, I don't have anything in the logs below the page.

Any hint?



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With respect to the AIOS module, it's internal and private debug facility, when enabled, will show the debug report at the top of the page at checkout - when running the calculations take place. Having copied over the functions to be incorporated into your code, your module should have a debug setting on the admin settings page. Then we see that the '_debug_lines' get echoed out to the browser. Please know that core CubeCart code does not send anything (other than HTTP headers) outside of its own controls. Thus, this echo statement's output will appear ahead of anything CubeCart sends.

CubeCart, itself, has a debug facility. One can call:

$GLOBALS['debug']->debugMessage("Your text message goes here.");

Having enabled CubeCart's debug mode (also enter your local IP address in the following field - see www.showmyip.com), these user-provided messages will appear at the bottom of the grey debug section at the bottom of every web page.

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