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Frank Auffret

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One of my customers received an email from Opayo formerly Sagepay - see below

Will there be a need to upgrade the Sagepay extension or is there a plan for an Opayo extension?

Email snip

Happy New year. Here at Opayo we are upbeat about the year ahead with some exciting product & feature releases all designed to enhance you and your customer's payment experiences, but we start the year with helping you get ready for PSD2, (Payment Services Directive), being implemented on the 14th March 2022 - Urgent action is required NOW.   

Thanks to PSD2 there are a set of game changing security measures to make it safer to shop and bank online benefitting both the shopper and business. At the heart of it is Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). 

The UK SCA deadline is 14th March 2022 however from January 'til March there will be a ramp up in card issuers challenging transactions for SCA, resulting in non-compliant transactions being soft/hard declined if the SCA data is not provided. 

From 18th January 10% of transactions will be SCA challenged by issuers, this % will increase throughout March with 100% of transactions being SCA challenged by the deadline date (14th March 2022)

If you have not completed the relevant updates for SCA, you must take action now to avoid disruption to your business. Our Team have pulled together a step-by-step guide which helps you or your developer make the correct updates to avoid any disruptions to transaction processing.


Some key actions to consider

  • Upgrade to Protocol 4.00 or our latest API if you're using PI. We always recommend you use our latest documentation and this is even more important with the implementation of SCA.
  • Additional Credential On File (CoF) information is required for Token/Repeat payments. If you use Token or Repeats please ensure you are sending this additional CoF information for these transactions.
  • Standalone Token registration update. Successful 3D Secure V2 (3DSv2) authentication and CoF information is required to be registered for all Tokenised payments to be compliant with SCA requirements.
  • Update your Custom Template If you are using a custom template you will need to ensure the template includes the latest files for 3DSv2 compatibility.
  • Activate 3D Secure in MSP. Make sure you turn on 3DSecure in your My Sage Pay portal and activate checks.

We're here to help

For further information and resources see our SCA resource hub and developer hub, alternatively you can contact your account manager or our support team on 0191 313 0299 and email [email protected].

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