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Something Strange Listed Under My Admin


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i have something that is listed under my admin when i log in. not sure what it is or how it got there.  i am using 6.4.7. on the bottom part when i log in i have this



Hey Directknifesales!

Welcome to your store. Please follow this quick tour to help get you started.

1. Store Settings

Define some basic information here such as your store name & address, main currency and upload a logo.

2. Categories

Create the category structure for your product inventory.

3. Products

Add digital or physical products and assign them to categories.

4. Manage Extensions

Connect PayPal to take payments instantly and configure your shipping rates.

5. Marketplace

Visit our marketplace to find hundreds of other extensions such as Stripe, FedEx, Olark etc…

6. Homepage Content

Update your homepage with rich, vibrant content

7. Clear Cache

Changes made via the admin control panel may not show on the front end until the cache is cleared.

8. Help is here!

Official support is available direct from our developers. Alternatively we have a thriving community of merchants willing to help.

That's it!

We have only touched the tip of the iceberg but it's enough to get you selling today. Please find a video tour below which goes into a little more detail.

Thank you for choosing CubeCart.

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On the bottom part...?

Well, what you are seeing is called the "Tour". It gets shown every time an administrator logs in -- for each who have logged in for three or fewer times.

If you, perhaps having logged in for more than three times, yet are seeing this, perhaps your CubeCart_admin_users database record has been disturbed.

Otherwise, there is a fault with respect to getting, analyzing, or determining if the Tour should be shown.

In admin, Administrators, Edit Administrator, there is a checkbox to "Prevent welcome tour on next login?".

The Tour is supposed to be a slide show in a popup (colorbox, actually, I think), but you are showing it above as if the content is there, but not being affected by the javascript that is supposed to control it.

(You should edit the post above to de-link the "NextX" links that point to your admin site.)

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I think there isn't anything wrong with the admin skin, but please check something. In the admin skin template main.php, at the very end, add:


Then, when requesting a page, the browser will popup a window. (You may need to give the browser permission to do this, and then reload the page.)

Looking at the popup, scroll to $TOUR_AUTO_START. The Value will be "true" or "false".

Looking directly at the database using an external utility, look at CubeCart_admin_users, 'tour_shown' column. Does the column exist?

In admin, Store Settings, Advanced tab, enable debug mode and enter your local IP address in the text field that follows (www.showmyip.com).

Below the admin page will be a grey debug area. Find the SESSION:, '__admin_data' section, 'tour_shown' key. The value will be 1 or 0.

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