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Product Inventory Does Not Export from Zettle Account to CubeCart Account


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I have just set up a CubeCart account, and have linked it to a PayPal Zettle account. When I perform a sync, the product from the CubeCart account will be exported to the Zettle account, but the products in the Zettle account will not export to the CubeCart account. Additionally, when I change the quantity of the exported product in the Zettle app, it does not update the quantity of the product in the CubeCart account. I saw a similar issue with WordPress due to tax information not being setup, but I have setup the tax information for products in both accounts.

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I read your question so mu view is clear on that is , If you're experiencing issues with product syncing and quantity updates between your CubeCart account and PayPal Zettle account, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try: Check Integration Settings: Double-check the integration settings between CubeCart and PayPal Zettle to ensure they are properly configured. Review the documentation or user guides provided by both platforms to ensure all necessary settings are in place for product syncing and quantity updates. Verify API Credentials: Ensure that the API credentials (API keys, access tokens, etc.) used for integration between CubeCart and PayPal Zettle are correct and valid. Incorrect or expired credentials can cause syncing issues. Confirm Data Mapping: Review the data mapping between CubeCart and PayPal Zettle to ensure that the corresponding product fields are properly linked. This includes attributes like SKU, product name, quantity, and pricing. Verify that the data mapping is accurately configured in both platforms. Synchronize Settings: Check the synchronization settings in both CubeCart and PayPal Zettle to ensure that the sync process is set up correctly. Make sure that the sync frequency is appropriate and that all necessary data is included in the synchronization process. Clear Cache and Refresh: Clear the cache in both CubeCart and PayPal Zettle, and then refresh the data to see if the changes and updates are reflected. Sometimes, caching issues can cause discrepancies in data syncing. Contact Support: If the above steps do not resolve the issue, reach out to the support teams of both CubeCart and PayPal Zettle for assistance. They can provide specific troubleshooting steps or investigate any potential issues with the integration. By going through these steps and ensuring that the integration settings, data mapping, and synchronization processes are properly configured, you should be able to resolve the syncing issues and ensure myccpay that product data and quantities are accurately reflected between CubeCart and PayPal Zettle.

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