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Get 3 Years of FREE Hosting

Guest ohmygod

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Guest ohmygod

I' ve found this hosting company which offers 3 years of FREE webhosting with no banners or anything.

  • * No Banners
    * No Pop-Up Ads
    * No Spam
    * No Hidden Fees
    * No Sales Calls
    * No Third Party Distribution
    * Strict Privacy Protection
    * No credit-card needed to sign up.


  • Website/Connectivity:
    Hosted on I/O optimized own 1&1 Linux version
    500 MB web space
    5,000 MB/month traffic ($.99 per GB for additional traffic)
    No limits on simultaneous hits/bandwidth
    Protected by firewall
    Continuous backups of your website
    99.9% Uptime guarantee

Website features:

  • Advanced live site statistics, log files, ready-to-run CGI-library, own CGI programming (Perl, Python), FrontPage 2002 extensions
    Advanced Password Protection
    5 FTP accounts
    PHP3 & PHP4
    Proxy SSL Secure Server
    Cron Jobs
    SSH Secure Shell Access
    Advanced Developer Tools
    Newsletter Tool
    One-on-one online dialogue
    Turn-key web database applications

Domain names:

  • Register or transfer .com/.net/.org/.info for just $5.99/year
    50 subdomains (e.g., shop.yourDomain.com)
    Point up to 100 external domain names to 1&1


  • Free template loaded online WebsiteCreator
    Free full version of Fusion 7, search engine registration, ranking, optimization
    Total software worth $300
    1&1 Control Panel
    E-mail handling:
    50 POP3 e-mail accounts (50 MB each)
    Catch-all e-mail addresses
    Auto-responders, unlimited forwarding.
    1&1 Advanced WebMail
    Symantec virus scanner


  • 1&1 Express support by e-mail

Thought this was too good to not share with all of you.

Check it out now.

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Guest ryandelany

I signed up for an account and I can confirm that there are absolutely no strings attached. You don't need to give them a credit card or anything. When the three years is up you can choose to roll over to a paid hosting account or you can just let it expire and your site gets deleted.

This is basically a marketing push to try and sign up as many customers as possible before Jan 14.



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Hi yes this is truely an amazing offer and I wondered how long it would be before it caught on. Go for it One & One are part of the fourth biggest ISP in Europe!!

Where I work at http://www.kempt.co.uk we use them for all out clients including some big record lables.

I think they are trying to break into the US/Canadian market and wow what a way to do it.... :)

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Guest franck~

Okay, I signed up and it seems to be cooking with gas. All is true, FREE and simple.

I'll let you know about my experience with them. It's amazing. Thank you again for posting this.

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Franck, Brooky,

I have an idea, can't we get some of our nice forum members in the US to 'adopt' us for this reason? All that we require is a small favour and them to act as mailbox and phone listener to establich access to the domain/site so we also benefit from a 3 year free hosting.

So any US/Canadian who would like to adopt me in exchange for a small but tasteful christmas present (I thought it nice yet ironic to send some tea as they didn't like to pay tax on it some 200 years ago :) )

So any kind person who would do me that favour, please PM me to exchange e-mail details.

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