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Incorrect total upon checkout

Guest sunspeks

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Guest sunspeks

I have installed v.3 as i have upgraded my site and need a more efficient system. Cubecart seems to be the answer but when i integrate with a gateway to 2CO the total amount is incorrect, i:e an order for 21.15$ shows on their system as 11.95$

I have emailed 2CO but have not recieved a responce, i was wondering if there was a problem transfering orders across cubecart to a gateway such as 2CO?

Any help would be appreciatedk,



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oy Im testing my clients site and checkout is buggered all we have set is postal order payent method so far

and the printable order form shows the cart total the subtotal zero tax and free shippijng but GRAND TOTAL read ZERO zilch NADA nothing $0.00

It does however show the GRAND TOTAL correctly in admin > Orders - view order

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Guest sunspeks

My problem apears to be due to the currency.

My default is gbp but totals are shown in USD.

I:e i sell an item for 11.95GBP, this is converted by the user into USD and it shows as 21.15USD. When the checkout process goes through the gateway it shows as 11.95USD as a total. Any thoughts?

Kind regarsds


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CC3.0.1 Print Order Form FIX for NO Grand TOTAL

OK I fixed the Printable Order Form Not Displaying Grand Total Correctly...

took a look at the bug section and saw it was submitted as a bug and NO ONE has been assigned tried registering but never received my code to join flyspray

so heres the fix for printable order form No Grand Total BUG

1) Open


2) Find around line 124


3) replace with this line


the fly spray bug center incorrectly reports a WRONG FIX....


Comment by Philip - Sunday, 17 Jul 2005, 11:17am

In V 3.0.1 and in the file orderForm .php there is an error on line #124 that reads...


It should read...


THIS IS NOT CORRECT my code above actually works and has BEEN TESTED

this fix still does not address a FIX for Print order forms not sending out emails to customer and no way to goto confirmed.php if that is the place it should goto to complete order in CC3.0.1


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