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3.0.1 | Worldpay | confirmed.php.. Working?

Guest fiddy

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Fixed it ! :lol:

The MC_OID we were passing to worldpay was base64_encode'd (ln 101 transfer.inc.php) which is fine, but when it was coming back we didn't base64_decode it before we put it into the order update query on ln44 of orderSuccess.inc.php

you can pay me later :wub:

Next 'opportunity': the confirmation email got sent automatically too, but it was blank.

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The blank email is caused by it not getting the stuff from the lang file for some reason. All the headers are there, and the subject has the cart id in (but nothing else - supposed to be prepended with 'order id:' or similar), but nothing from the lang file is appearing, which is the entirety of the body.

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Guest falsoft

I think I am totally missing something here - jeez life gets hard with this technology once you hit 50. I have registered on my site to enable me to test out my Worldpay Gateway, adding a productto my cart is fine, steps 1-4 but when I try to purchase something at step 5 I get nothing?

I changed the code /modules/gateway/WorldPay/transfer.inc.php as supplied by brooky, I have an Installation ID from Worldpay but I don't know what to do with it - nice suggestions only please - I thought that it merely had to be included on my test product somewhere?

Perhaps I should try adding the Worldpay gateway again from the admin panel? Sorry if I am sounding a bit dumb here but my poor old brain is wearing out and any pointers would be great.



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I'm using 3.0.17. Does Worldpay still need a fix to get order status changed? Callback doesn't seem to redirect to the CC confirmation page at my site either, despite my having pasted in the url to confirmed.php.


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