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  2. Hi, I'm running 6.2.8, thanks for the link. All other orders have gone through fine prior to this one and after so I'm not understanding why it was trying to reuse an order number that was already assigned to an order...
  3. What version are your running. I found this, which relates to custom_oid missing, not sure if it's related. https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/53991-database-error-message-in-admin/https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/53991-database-error-message-in-admin/
  4. Hello, I had an issue yesterday where a duplicate order id was given to an order placed by a customer. The order was not created/stored in cubecart but the payment was taken from the customer. I managed to find the order details in the system error log and noticed at the bottom was this message: - Duplicate entry 'FNS00012' for key 'custom_oid' Why would this happen and how can I prevent it from happening in the future? Many thanks in advance.
  5. Yesterday
  6. How did you get on with your WAF ? I use CSF firewall, along with OWASP and Comodo Mod security, and was still seeing these. Not seen any for a month though now, maybe they went away :-)
  7. I am using the galaxyx skin and CC6, in the skin templates folder there is a content.recaptcha.php file, the problem is there are no instructions as to any changes needed to this file in order for it to work. I think it is probably for an earlier version of Captcha whereas I have retrieved a site and secret key for the Google invisible Captcha and do not know what changes to make to the file. Brian
  8. Last week
  9. The Foundation skin has the Smarty template code to put in-place the recaptcha javascript code - if enabled. Other CC6-conforming skins should also have the Smarty template code. Skins originally built for CC5 has Smarty code for an implementation of recaptcha available in CC5. reCaptcha requirements have changed since then.
  10. Thanks for your prompt response, I assume once I enable Captcha in store settings it will work? What I am asking is whether I need to make any changes in the code. Regards, Brian
  11. In admin, Email Templates, click the flag of the language you wish to change for Cart: Order Complete. On the next page, the HTML Content and Plain Text Content tabs will have the means to add this new code. (For the HTML tab, you should switch the editor to Source mode.) Then, when finished with this admin session, be sure to first clear the cache.
  12. The captcha code gets involved in the Registration page, checking out as a Guest, leaving a Ratings Comment on the product page, the Newsletter sign-up sidebox, and the Contact Us page. As of CC628 Foundation skin, there is a popup box (admin enabled) that appears when moving away from the site, asking to sign up for the newsletter. This modal Exit box also has captcha involved. Once a visitor has passed a captcha challenge for that session, there will be no more challenges. Note: a customer being logged in has no bearing on captcha's involvement.
  13. I have now added the Google Captcha (v2 invisible) so hopefully that will help, as asked in previous post I would be grateful to know which parts of the site it protects. Many thanks, Brian
  14. I would like to do the same by adding tracking number and website to the "Order Complete" email. How would I go about it and where would I enter the required info. Not that good with coding.
  15. Hi Bsmither, I need some more info please. I do not have the default Captcha enabled in store settings, but having continued to look into the fake account signup online quite a few people suggest having the Captch enabled. My Question is at what part of the process does the Captcha present itself, is it just for account signup? As always many thanks, Brian
  16. Thank you! We just switched from a CPanel account to DirectAdmin I am betting there are settings I need to change that I still haven't learned about. I'll get my tech, and if needed the webhost techs involved now that I know where to make them start fixing things.
  17. Also, in the Homepage document's image, the URL is using a full non-secure (http) format, while the page is being sent securely (https). This may trip up some browsers as having mixed content - which could deny the request. To fix this, in the Homepage document editor, the image properties dialog box, either start the URL with // or just a single slash (or just the filename if the file is in the root directory). I also see that the request for this image is 301 bounced to use a secure (https) URL. So, there is a specific directive in the .htaccess file or a general directive in the Cpanel configuration for the site.
  18. Please be sure that: * the .htaccess file has the proper URL rewrite directives * the hosting environment's web server has URL rewriting enabled * the hosting environment's web server has .htaccess overrides allowed Looking at the page's source in the browser, the canonical link in the <head> section looks weird: <link href="https://whitewillowstitching.com/index.php?url=majestic-bald-eagle-cross-stitch-pdf-chart.html" rel="canonical"> Please check if there may be some extra directives in the .htaccess file that would affect any rewrite rules.
  19. So after a web host change I decided to start over with a fresh install. I set up all my categories, image and download folders set up and loaded and finally get to add products. The problem is that when I try to test them in the live store clicking on a category or popular product, even searching for the item does no good because when you click on the item the URL shows it correctly but all I get is a picture of the home page. It does not bring up the item. What did I do wrong? EDIT Every link I click on shows the URL changing but never leaves the home page. The site is whitewillowstitching.com
  20. I made changes to the code I posted earlier. It seems my testing of the use of preg_match gave false positive results.
  21. I added that code but now nobody can sign up for our site - it will give everyone the white out... message me direct and I will send you the credentials for our website so you can check it out yourself bsmither.
  22. Looking for it myself, I can't find it either.
  23. I couldn't find that, but since I've already changed it back I don't think it will help.
  24. FYI: I have seen comments regarding phpMyAdmin that if clicking in the cell with the encoded data you want to see, the cell will show a drop-down that allows the user to select base64_decode.
  25. The obsolete emails were showing in the Contact Us admin settings but I have already changed them to [email protected] I see the Contact form in phpMyAdmin but I don't know how to decode the array.
  26. Are the obsolete email addresses in the Contact Us admin settings form still showing as the obsolete ones? If so, use phpMyAdmin (or similar) to examine the database table CubeCart_config. Find the row for Contact_Form. Have phpMyAdmin decode the 'array' value. Are the emails shown here the same obsolete ones?
  27. " You said you did not change the skin setting? But was the setting actually changed? " Yes the skin was actually changed in admin. No databases were restored.
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