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  2. https://evmusicshop.com/register.html and also weired that you can click on it when you first land on the page without filling any info out, and it'll work and give you the please fill out all errors on all feilds. But when you actually fill out the page to then submit and register as a new user, that's when the button after clicking does nothing.
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  4. I intentionally do not allow javascript to run on sites I have never been to before. Such is the case with EvMusicShop and TheMixTapeChannel. So, I may be missing something - but where is the Register icon?
  5. Hey bsmither, Thanks as always for helping out. This is driving me crazy lol... Try themixtapechannel.com and evmusicshop.com. I have 15 other clients of mine in cubecart, and also same issue after upgrade. Thanks! Eddie
  6. May we have a web address to make some checks?
  7. Hey there everyone. Just wondering if anyone has faced after upgrade to 6.2.8. New customers can't register nor checkout. Page shows and you can fill out all information and etc. , but when trying to click on register button nothing happens. You can login if account exsist, but can't register nor checkout. It's so weired that only "Register and Checkout" button seems to be the only issue. I thought it was a browser cache issue, but nothing after clearing cache. Tried several browsers and nothing. i tried clearing all caches from admin panel, and nothing. Also tried reverting back to a backup, and nothing, then re upgraded and still nothing. So here I am, trying my luck with anyone that has faced this issue or any advise or heads up on how to go about this issue. I thank anyone in advance for some heads up, and very well appreciated! Thank you! Eddie
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  9. I'm fully confused as to why but everything is working now so I'm not going to complain. Thanks for everybody's help!
  10. I use Microsoft Expression Web but this happened when I FTP the stock files I don't know how but they are showing all the code now
  11. Please let us know what editor you are using to make your edits to the admin template files. Does this editor have a mode that "hides" HTML?
  12. Not at all!! Here's a few lines of my 700+ lines for products.index.php file. {* PLUSH * CubeCart v6 * ======================================== * CubeCart is a registered trade mark of CubeCart Limited * Copyright CubeCart Limited 2017. All rights reserved. * UK Private Limited Company No. 5323904 * ======================================== * Web: http://www.cubecart.com * Email: [email protected] * License: GPL-3.0 https://www.gnu.org/licenses/quick-guide-gplv3.html *} <form action="{$VAL_SELF}" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data"> {if isset($DISPLAY_PRODUCT_LIST)} <div id="general" class="tab_content"> <h3>{$LANG.catalogue.title_product_inventory}</h3> {if isset($PRODUCTS)} <!-- MY PLACEMENT --> <table width="100%"> <tr> <td align="right"> {$LANG.common.filter}: <select id="cat_subset"> <option value="{$CAT_LIST_ANY}">{$LANG.common.any}</option> {foreach from=$CAT_LIST item=cat_dropdown} <option value="?_g=products&amp;cat_id={$cat_dropdown.cat_id}" {if $cat_dropdown.cat_id == $CURRENT_CAT}selected="selected"{/if}>{$cat_dropdown.name}</option> {/foreach} </select> </td> </tr> </table> <table width="100%"> <tr> {foreach from=$SORT_CHARACTERS item=character} <td align="center"><a href="{$character.link}">{$character.char}</a></td> {/foreach} <td width="1%"><a href="{$SORT_CHARS_RESET_LINK}">{$LANG.common.any}</a></td> </tr> </table> <table width="100%"> <thead> <tr> <th nowrap="nowrap">&nbsp;</th> <th nowrap="nowrap">{$THEAD.name}</th> <th nowrap="nowrap">{$THEAD.digital}</th> <th nowrap="nowrap">{$THEAD.image}</th> <th nowrap="nowrap">{$THEAD.product_code}</th>
  13. Well I don't like it LOL. Does yours do this?
  14. Obviously they are not blank or your site would not work, so why you can't see anything is beyond me. Oh My!!!! Maybe something about the obfuscation of the admin folder???????
  15. I just downloaded a fresh version 6.2.8 and installed it. No modificarions at all. I can now select additional categories. Yeah!!!!! Now to implement my modifications! I do have a question. I went to edit my admin/skins/templates/products.index.php and all it shows is {* * CubeCart v6 * ======================================== * CubeCart is a registered trade mark of CubeCart Limited * Copyright CubeCart Limited 2017. All rights reserved. * UK Private Limited Company No. 5323904 * ======================================== * Web: http://www.cubecart.com * Email: [email protected] * License: GPL-3.0 https://www.gnu.org/licenses/quick-guide-gplv3.html *} It seems all the admin/skin files are like this. Plus the admin/source files are blank
  16. It's not visible. I think I'll try reinstalling the stock files and then make my modifications. Thanks for checking it for me.
  17. I just tried it on our 100% stock test site and was able to add a new category and then add that additional category to my product. It's also working correctly on my far from stock live store. Your screenshot shows that the Additional column is not even visible - certainly not what I see.
  18. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! By the way, over the past year I have tried just about ALL of the carts out there and I am back to cubecart.
  19. I just upgraded to 6.2.8 and was editing some products. I noticed that I cannot select an additional category for items - new or edit. That part of my code is stock so I don't know what is going on.
  20. That fixes it Bsmither! The edit is in admin/skins/ reports.index.php replacing line 34. THANKS!! I will report on GitHub if you haven't already.
  21. Thank you, I was able to translate everything into French.
  22. This is from CC626 - admin skin template reports.index.php, near line 34: <td nowrap="nowrap"><a href="?_g=orders&action=edit&order_id={$data.cart_order_id}">{if $CONFIG.oid_mode=='i'}{$data.{$CONFIG.oid_col}}{else}{$data.cart_order_id}{/if}</a></td> Note that the table displays the value in the oid column of the database table if that mode is "i" for incremental. But the URL actually uses the standard cart_order_id type. The problem is in the admin sources/reports.index.inc.php, lines 85-86. Here, only the order number type being used (Incremental or Traditional) is retrieved from the database. So, if Incremental, the Standard is not retrieved. The Standard type value found in the cart_order_id column needs to be added such that it is always available to the skin, or the URL in the link needs to be enhanced to use the Incremental order number. For the latter: <td nowrap="nowrap"><a href="?_g=orders&action=edit&order_id={if $CONFIG.oid_mode=='i'}{$data.{$CONFIG.oid_col}}{else}{$data.cart_order_id}{/if}">{if $CONFIG.oid_mode=='i'}{$data.{$CONFIG.oid_col}}{else}{$data.cart_order_id}{/if}</a></td> There is code that will get the correct record when viewing the order details, having specified the Incremental type.
  23. It shows my Incremental Order Number as a link in both the Orders and Reports pages.
  24. On the Sales Report page for you, which order number type is shown in the Order Number column? Incremental or Standard/Traditional? (You have shown us what the link URL points to.)
  25. I have created an order with the stock test site, and I see the same wrong behavior I am getting on my live store. The Sales Report page has the Order Number as a link. But that link no longer leads to the actual order. I use the Incremental Order Number format. This is the url given for the Order Number on the Sales Report page: XXX.php?_g=orders&action=edit&order_id= And here is the url given for the Order Number on the Orders page: XXX.php?_g=orders&sort%5Border_date%5D=DESC&action=edit&order_id=191119-085129-7493 I have no idea how long it's been that way, but I compared 6.2.6 and 6.2.8 admin files for reports in source and skin - and they are identical that far back. I don't have a clue which files to compare that actually create the link. Can someone please check your install and see what happens for you? It's likely a problem with the Incremental code somewhere, but it would help to know if it works correctly with Traditional numbers. Hopefully someone using Incremental can check theirs, too.
  26. If you have a French language pack, please add these new phrases to the fr-FR.xml file: In group name="common": <string name="cheapest" introduced="6.2.7"><![CDATA[Cheapest]]></string> In group name="settings": <string name="cheapest_not_free" introduced="6.2.7"><![CDATA[Cheapest but not free]]></string> <string name="most_expensive" introduced="6.2.7"><![CDATA[Most expensive]]></string> <string name="shipping_defaults" introduced="6.2.7"><![CDATA[Default Shipping Selection]]></string> Change as needed.
  27. can you tell me or find that to translate it into French.
  28. thanks, i install the web plugin in photoshop i will test this format.
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