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  2. That wont work if someone orders more than one or orders that item along with some other items that do need a shipping charge
  3. If the file 6.2.3.sql had been processed, the 'dimension_unit' column would say Yes 'cm'. In the CubeCart_inventory table, there would also be a column named 'live_from'.
  4. Purchased tool, it looked promising... Installed OK, but no directions and the sellers website is gone, I should have done more homework before purchasing. Export not working as expected, multiple lines for each product using '|' (pipe) as delimiter. Import fails Having more luck with product import supplied by CubeCart's basic functionality Are there good directions for this extension?
  5. Upon inspection it does seems that my database did upgrade. This is what I added back. Is it correct? And why am I still getting this orange error?
  6. We would like to know the versions involved in your upgrade path. The dimension fields were added in CC620, so if you upgraded to CC620, then restored the code back to a previous version, the database still had those columns. You may have removed them while at a version earlier than CC620. Then upgraded again and they were added as the upgrade sequence went past CC620. CubeCart does not check for a database schema being complete for any given version. There are only two checks: * CubeCart_history has the "version" logged as the upgrade sequence goes through the various files in /setup/db/upgrade/. In admin, Maintenance, Upgrade tab will list the records in this table * The codebase has an array of what indices should be in the schema, and enumerating the tables will flag any discrepancies But what third-party columns are present and what stock columns are missing is not analyzed. The CHANGE you mention is a file named /setup/db/upgrade/6.2.3.sql, which would have been executed if the upgrade sequence went from a version of CubeCart prior to CC623.
  7. I deleted the product_width, product_height, product_depth and dimension_unit fields from my database a few versions ago because I don't use them. When I upgraded to the next version it automatically readded them, so I deleted them again. I know, I know I should have left them alone and will once this is figured out. Anyway, upgraded to 6.2.4 and these fields were not automatically added and I don't have the tax_percent field either. I went ahead and added the product_width, product_height, product_depth and dimension_unit fields I also get the orange error in admin/database. CubeCart_order_summary.custom_oid has a key type KEY but expecting UNIQUE KEY. I have fields in the inventory table that I have added and what have been added via plugins. I don't think my database was updated when I upgraded to 6.2.4. In the 6.2.4 detup/db/upgrade file it says to CHANGE `dimension_unit` `dimension_unit` VARCHAR(2) NULL DEFAULT 'cm';. I don't know how to do that. I'd like to be sure my database is upgraded to the the current version 6.2.4. Anyway for me to check? When I upgraded I did get the red banner telling me to upgrade my database, which I did. Thanks for any and all help.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Figured it out! I had a packaging weight of 0.5Kg and this automatically put everything into the next weight up. I created a weight of 0.55 with a cost of zero, which should fix it.
  10. Yes, clicking Save when editing a product will submit all data on all screens - regardless whether any of it changed. Perhaps to satisfy your curiosity, you can progressively remove half the content and see if the server faults. If it does, remove half of what was left. If it doesn't remove half of the half you previously removed. Eventually, you might hit the expression that is tripping the rule (if this is a mod_security issue). I used this tester: https://www.modsecurity.org/crs-demo.html but got a 201 response. I do not know if that is what I wanted to see or if there was some kind of error.
  11. I've tried the zero weight option, but I must be doing something wrong. The string from the shipping module is 0:0.0,0.2:0.10,0.75:3.50, but it keeps coming up with £3.50 as if it weighed >0.75Kg. Have I got the syntax wrong? I've tried the zero weight option, but I must be doing something wrong. The string from the shipping module is 0:0.0,0.2:0.10,0.75:3.50, but it keeps coming up with £3.50 as if it weighed >0.75Kg. Have I got the syntax wrong?
  12. I think this is not an error message, but an advisory that the Country chosen is not configured to provide a drop-down selection of state/county names -- which is true as the Country selector has not made an actual choice. Once the Country is selected (United Kindom, for example), then the States/Provinces field becomes a selector -- even though it does not look like one. Click in the field and it will drop down selections. If you choose a Country that does not have States/Counties (Ukraine, for example), then the text entry field is "free-entry" -- but I do not know how CubeCart would enforce free-entry sub-areas. I suppose taking notice of that advisory, "No states are defined for that country", would prompt you to choose the more appropriate choice for "What will this zone contain?" being "One or more countries". Note: if you choose United Kingdom, then choose Ukraine (and OK the message), the State/Provinces box still lists the Counties for United Kingdom.
  13. You could set the weight of that item to zero and then have a specific weight band of zero weight at zero cost. That way if an order only includes that item, no shipping but if that item is part of a bigger order, the zero product weight will not increase the shipping coosts Ian
  14. Can we try setting the weight of that one item to zero? Just to be clear, there will be no shipping charges for this item regardless of whether there are other items in the order?
  15. All you need to do is speak with your hosting company and ask them to confirm you are tripping a mod_security rule. They may be able to help determine what the cause is based on what rule is being tripped but to be honest, most won’t bother and your only option then is to.ask them to whitelist that rule for your account. It is VERY unusual for up to date standard CubeCart to trip mod_security rules though - if it isn’t mod_security, then your hosting company should be able to determine what is causing the 403 Ian
  16. Hi, I have a Cubecart V6.2.x site running very happily, but I now want to offer a single product where the price includes shipping (i.e. free shipping to the customer). All my other products use weight-based shipping with the normal "By weight" shipping module. If the customer orders just this item, then the shipping cost should be zero. If they order other products, then those should attract the shipping costs that they currently do. I've looked around the forum and can't find anything that answers my question. Does one of the other modules (tried the All-in-One, couldn't see it working) have this facility? Thanks Neil
  17. I have pasted an example of our product description below. The strange thing is we have had these descriptions in place for three years now for around 1000 products and no changes have been made to them. The only reason I wanted to edit this product was to make price changes not anything to do with the description. It seems like all our products cant be edited and saved at the moment. Avena sativa - Organic - AusQual Certified Oats are an annual to 1 metre, excellent green manure forage crop. Nutritious, edible grain and can also be used for stock feed. Oats can also be used for sprouting having a chewy nutty texture that is surprisingly sweet. When growing as a green manure crop combine with chickpea seed. Sow Autumn-Winter. Seed packet contains approx 20g 1kg will cover 70m2. 20 seeds/gram.
  18. Images implemented via the CSS background rules can be sized several ways. See: https://www.w3schools.com/cssref/css3_pr_background-size.asp Find a place in your skin's CSS rules to add: body { background: url("/path_to_image/image.jpg"); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-size: 100% 100%; } This should scale the image to fit the viewport. However, you are phrasing your question in such a way as to suggest wanting different images: imageA.jpg for small screens, imageB.jpg for medium screens, and imageC,jpg for large screens. Let us know if that is what you meant.
  19. hello, how to put a background image that adapts to the resolution of the screen? thanks you
  20. Well,just decided to use AIOS,but problem is,that somehow,probably after plugin upgrade,I am not able to add or modify zones.If I click add new zone or modify existing zones,pop up window with error NO states are defined for that country ....Fortunately via database I can modify it,but not via plugin admin.I use AIOS ver 1.0.13 on cubecart 6.1.15.Thanks for any advise or help.
  21. Hi,before it worked for me well,I am not sure if problem started after plugin upgrade,but somehow when I try to add or modify zone,suddenly appear pop up window with error message: no states are defined for that country prior I even select any country.Than when I try to select country or countries,nothing can be selected.Country name is just less visible text,but nothing can be selected.My cc version is 6.1.15 and AIOS version 1.0.13 Anybody had such issue or know what it can cause this problem ?
  22. Hello,thank you,you are probably right,I just wanted to avoid having to set more shipping zones than I use now.But it looks it will be no other way,on other side AIOS is really smart plugin and can solve the problem I have.
  23. You should still be able to use All in One Shipping for everything and you have a lot more flexibility and control using that than you do with the Shipping by Weight. AIOS can have multiple shipping methods setup - without knowing your specific requirements it is difficult to say any more but have a look at what rates you have setup in the Shipping by Weight and try adding them into AIOS Ian
  24. Hi,thank you for reply,I use all in one shipping for other shipping methods.Problem is we use it for DHL and there are other shipping zones than what we use in shipping by weight.I need to keep shipping by weight for economy mail.And I would need to disable for example that orders above 200 usd to use shipping by weight.So only all in one shipping will be offered to buyer.I believe it could be arranged by some hook and I would be willing to pay for it.
  25. Are you usung any special carachters, like percent signs, excalmation marks, or apostraphies etc. I'd hazard a guess that you may be tripping an SQL Injection rule.
  26. I moved this thread to the Retail Therapy thread A demo url for this skin is https://www.cubecart-demo.co.uk This site also includes many of our own plugins (list is here https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/developer/havenswift-hosting) but isn’t dependent on any new of them except our free skin configuration plugin. Both the plugin and this skin are being continually updated and extended and if there is any functionality anyone would like added, we are always happy to consider any suggestion.
  27. can you share demo link for Retail Therapy Skin and this is suitable for CubeCart v6.0.10. isn't it?
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