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  1. Quote

    would never put development sites onto live servers, for obvious reason

    Why not? You can keep the store offline unless logged in as an administrator.

    Honestly it's worth persevering. PayPal Commerce will bring much better sales conversions than PayPal standard.

  2. Hi Will, welcome back.  

    PayPal Standard is no longer available. It's a legacy PayPal product that is being phased out and rightly so as the Commerce product is far superior in many ways.

    I too develop locally and have been though the exact same issue. I expose the web server externally with port forwarding and a dynamic DNS service as I don't have a fixed IP address with BT Broadband. My ASUS router has free built in Dynamic DNS. You can then point a domain to your WAMP config and setup free SSL with https://certbot.eff.org

    It's a bit of a ballache to get configured but absolutely ideal once done. 

    This may help you https://bobcares.com/blog/lets-encrypt-wamp/ 

  3. Disconnect the PayPal Commerce extension and then connect again. Can you try that?

    Make sure you complete all onboarding steps and do not close the popup window with the X in the top corner. The last blue button return to store is critical.

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