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  1. I actually ran a repair on all the tables and still have the same problem. The problem occurred after the server upgrade but before the CC 6.0.12 upgrade. I installed the upgrade thinking it might solve it.
  2. Yes I can bring up the image using the URL like www.domain.com/images/source/image.jpg.
  3. They are all in the source folder. The odd thing is entering (NULL) into the filepath made the image show up in the image picker in the admin but it broke the image on the front end.
  4. The only difference I see is the filepath field for the images that were uploaded Before the server upgrade have nothing in the filepath field. The images uploaded After the server upgrade have NULL in that field. I enabled debugging and no php errors in the file manager. Thanks for your replies in trying to help solve this.
  5. I had the host move the site for me. I have 78 rows in the filemanager table which seems right.
  6. Thanks Boo - I tried that already and no success. My image picker only shows 4 images right now (new ones I've uploaded since the upgraded) so the indexing happens very quickly and only the images I've uploaded since the upgrade are shown.
  7. I moved my site to a server running a PHP 5.4+ so I can install the new upgrade. After I moved the site (I hadn't installed the upgrade), I noticed none of my product images are showing in edit product / images picker or under the File Manager > Images tab. The images are showing on the front end and I can see them on the server.
  8. That rewrite is already in place, you actually gave it to me through support awhile back. The problem is sometimes these bad urls are cached as https. I do not have a security certificate and the htaccess workaround doesn't help.
  9. I have an ongoing problem with my site where intermittently url's like https://help.blog.blog.blog.domain.com are getting stored in my store file. I contacted tech support and they said the cause was my site getting spidered under weird domain names. They made a modification to the htaccess file, which seems to fix the issue except when the URL gets cached as https://. My site does not have an SSL so anything https request breaks before it gets to htaccess. To get rid of the problem temporarily, I simply empty the cache and the URL's on the category menu are fixed. But they inevitably go back to being written to something that breaks the link within 24 hours or so. This doesn't effect any of the other site links, only the category menu. The code being used to output the category menu is: <li class="main_product_category"> <a href="{$BRANCH.url}" title="{$BRANCH.name}">{$BRANCH.name}</a> {if isset($BRANCH.children)} <ul id="child_menu">{$BRANCH.children}</ul> {/if} </li>
  10. I am still having this issue after trying the 6.0.11 upgrade as well. I'm not showing anything in the error log that is related. I have debugging enabled and it says no php errors. I tried a Cubecart supplied skin just to make sure there wasn't some issue with my custom skin, that didn't work. The smarty error I was getting was related to the cache being outdated after I re-uploaded the backup. It wasn't related to the upgrade. Does anyone else have any ideas on how to fix this?
  11. smarty.class.php is actually version 3.1.25. Is there something in the file/database backup, automatic upgrade features in the admin that could be causing my problem? The reason I'm asking is I just backed files and db up using the admin interface, tried the auto update (got a 500 error) and then the site would not load (blank screen on homepage/admin not found). I tried emptying the cache but the site still would not load until I re-uploaded everything in my file backup I created earlier today. I think something in the backup/auto update might have been breaking the site before the update to 6.0.10 even occurred.
  12. Does anyone have any additional advice on this particular issue? I'm still unable to upgrade.
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