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  1. The "Notes" on a customer order are supposed to be included on the receipt (communications) with the customer. The "Notes" seem to be missing from Kurouto skin. The "Notes" are included in the Foundation skin. I had to modify this file to fix the problem: cc6\skins\kurouto\templates\content.receipt.php
  2. Contact bsmither if you need a fix to this problem. He's a great resource for the CC community!
  3. The website just uses US dollars, Euros, and British Pounds. We want to enable Australian dollars at some point.
  4. As of November 2, 2017, Yahoo stopped supporting the downloading of a CSV file that contains various currency rates. This is how CC4 implemented its auto update of the currencies. I see that CC5 and CC6 use a different means to update the currencies. Does anyone have an update/fix to the CC4 currency code? Thanks for your help.
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