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Found 3 results

  1. From the USPS document (2014-rate-webtools-v3-v4-transition-guide.rtf) 1 RateV3 Retirement We advise integrators currently using RateV3 to transition to RateV4 as soon as possible in preparation for the planned retirement of the API on September 28, 2014. Corrections on how to update CC4 USPS module can be found here: http://www.cubecartforums.org/lofiversion/index.php?t18105.html After working with Brian Smither yesterday, we discovered a couple things to add to this topic: Also, go through both the calc.php and class.usps.php files and change all occurrences of: IntlRate to IntlRateV2 (changed IntlRate2 to IntlRateV2) RateV3 to RateV4 There are many types of International Shipping options. The admin/index.inc.php could be updated with these options (numbers are included for reference to the USPS document): 1 Priority Mail Express International 2 Priority Mail International 4 Global Express Guaranteed GXG 5 Global Express Guaranteed Document 6 Global Express Guaranteed Non-Document Rectangular 7 Global Express Guaranteed Non-Document Non-Rectangular 8 Priority Mail International Flat-Rate Envelope 9 Priority Mail International Medium Flat-Rate Box 10 Priority Mail Express International Flat-Rate Envelope 11 Priority Mail International Large Flat-Rate Box 12 USPS GXG Envelopes 13 First-Class Mail International Letter 14 First-Class Mail International Large Envelope 15 First-Class Package International Service 16 Priority Mail International Small Flat-Rate Box 17 Priority Mail Express International Legal Flat-Rate Envelope 18 Priority Mail International Gift Card Flat-Rate Envelope 19 Priority Mail International Window Flat-Rate Envelope 20 Priority Mail International Small Flat-Rate Envelope 21 First-Class Mail International Postcard 22 Priority Mail International Legal Flat-Rate Envelope 23 Priority Mail International Padded Flat-Rate Envelope 24 Priority Mail International DVD Flat-Rate Priced Box 25 Priority Mail International Large Video Flat-Rate Priced Box 26 Priority Mail Express International Flat-Rate Boxes 27 Priority Mail Express International Padded Flat-Rate Envelope
  2. So, I've had this issue since CC3. And I want to fix it in 5. How can I add a couple of links to the admin orders overview screen? Basically, I want a link to PAYPAL and a link to my shipping carrier. What do I need to edit to get this to work? Here's my story on this. CC5 is great, but I still am stuck with Paypal and as I understand it, there is no way to fully integrate Paypal into CC. By that, I mean I can not have information from Paypal inserted automatically into the CC orders. For instance Tracking information when shipping through Paypal. Paypal is my only payment option, so when they pay I use their confirmed address in Paypal to ship. This creates a tracking number in Paypal that I need to manually copy over to the cubecart orders. From there, I used to be able to use Paypal to request carrier pickups, but that link in Paypal is broken so I do that manually now as well. I hate Paypal more and more everyday, but it seems to be the most readily acceptable payment form online. So some minor tweaks to put an admin at ease is great! Thanks!!
  3. Guest

    Shipping that works?

    Apparently the only shipping mod that works is UPS. USPS doesn't work, FEDEX doesn't work. I have been watching this forum for over a month to see if there is any news and so far there isn't. This is not good news. Is this even on the to-do list??
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