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Found 19 results

  1. Hi Just discovered a fairly serious issue with the All in One Shipping plugin. This has been reported as a github issue but posting here so other users are aware of the issue. If you shop without creating an account or logging in (ie a guest), the shipping is estimated based on the store location (in the case of the customer where we discovered this, the UK). If you choose one of the offered shipping methods and then enter an address outside of that region (say the USA) you can click to make Payment and the shipping isnt recalculated and it is possible to complete the payment for the order using a completely invalid shipping method and cost. Example : A guest customer selected "Special Delivery" based on the UK choices that were offered as a guest, entered a USA address and was able to pay for this order including a postal service which isnt available outside of the UK. If you click from the payment screen to go back to the basket, the correct shipping options are then available in the shipping dropdown so what is needed in the checkout is a check on the entered address details and if they would have created a different set of shipping options then a message needs to be shown and customers have to choose which shipping they require. If the customer is already logged in or registers for an account within the checkout process, then the correct shipping options are displayed and the customer is forced to choose one from the list before proceeding to pay Thanks Ian
  2. I need to select a shipping method that works for mexico using product weight. Any suggestions Can i use ups or fedex?
  3. Hi all, I'm hoping someone will be able to shed some light on an issue customers are experiencing at checkout. If a customer enters their details as a guest at checkout, instead of being taken to the payment page, they are taken back to the beginning of the checkout process and presented with the error text for "check_shipping". We're using the All In One Shipping module and the cheapest applicable option is automatically being selected (as you can see in the screenshot), so as far as I can tell there should be no issue. Customers are confused by this and despite my updating the error message to be more explicit (along the lines of, "update postage method and confirm details"), many cannot seem to make it through to the payment page. I have tried the two solutions suggested in this thread, but they did not solve the issue, so I have reverted that file to its original state. This issue is very similar to what was/is experienced by Scott, in >his thread, which currently has no suggestions. If you wish to see the error for yourselves, feel free to give it a try at www.keshet.com.au (remember that you'll need to checkout as a guest in order to reproduce the error).
  4. Hello, Someone can help me i want to get rid of the bold text shown at the screenshot from my store. The store is written in dutch but the text i want to remove( or translate into dutch) is in english
  5. I am currently using the By Weight shipping module with CC528 and all it gives for the UK is United Kingdom. I now have the updated price list for shipping by my carrier (DPD/Interlink) and one thing I did not think of was that shipping to islands within the UK costs more than mainland. Islands also include Isle of Man, Isle of Wight and even Northern Ireland. There is nothing that I can see to change this within CC5 so was wondering how other people deal with it? Or is there a mod needed? Thanks Dave
  6. I get this message when checking out, even though ground shipping is already selected: Please check that the defined shipping method is suitable and click "Checkout" or "Update Basket" to continue to payment. The the lowest shipping method is already selected by default. A customer still has to click "Update," even though "Ground" is already selected, which is not intuitive. If he does not click "Update," it'll show the message above. "-- Please Select --" would be a better default setting for the shipping method. At least then customers would have to make a selection and would be more intuitive. I have seen other posts with the same issue, but no fixes. Is there a fix or way to change it? Attached is a screenshot
  7. I am going to use FedEx shipping for my new site. I will be charging a $2.00 handling fee on shipping which I have input into the FedEx Shipping module, but when I do a test purchase, I don't see the handling fee. Is it supposed to be listed separately, or does it just become part of the overall shipping fee? Also, if packages I ship will be different weights and dimensions, what is the purpose of the packaging weight, length, width and height within the module? Won't the shipping rate be figured "real time"? Why do I need these in the module, and do I have to put values in the module for them? How do they affect the final shipping rate the customer sees/chooses? Any help is most appreciated. Edit: Sorry, just realized this should have been posted in the Shipping/Postage Support Forum.
  8. this is what i got from my mate that is writing a shipping plugin here for TNT transport in Australia "Also I am looking at my version of the cube cart and I cannot find anywhere to add in the length of the product along with width and height. My version is the lite version and am wondering whether this facility only exists in the production version?" do both operate the same ? The product sold needs or would love to have Length added as its part of the shipping / pricing issue and we need to add a extra cost on a product over 5.2 meters Also even in admin / product why not have HWD fields ? or are they treating weight as " dim-weight " MrG
  9. Guest

    Shipping that works?

    Apparently the only shipping mod that works is UPS. USPS doesn't work, FEDEX doesn't work. I have been watching this forum for over a month to see if there is any news and so far there isn't. This is not good news. Is this even on the to-do list??
  10. I have a problem we dont have the shipping rate at the moment the customer is making his order. I want to know if its possible to add the shipping cost after order is placed. Thank you so much
  11. Hi i want to know if i can charge for shipping after the order is placed. what do you recommed me
  12. I have recently had a few customers phoning me saying they can't complete their order due to the county field not having their county and this is a required field. Please could someone tell me how to remove this as a required field as it isn't critical for this to be in the postal address or how to update the list? The only one that I know that is incorrect is Berkshire is only on as West Berkshire, I have notice that some cities are listed as counties ie, Plymouth, Nottingham, etc. Kind regards, Jon
  13. I would like on the receipt page (content.receipt.php) the similar information that is in the admin area on the order summary page. Dispatch Date Shipping Method Courier Tracking Code ( I have got this and used the code here to actual link the tracking code) http://forums.cubecart.com/topic/46445-setting-up-google-trusted-site/ Gateway Any suggestions as I can seem to work it out?
  14. Hi CubeCart Community! Bothering your asking for some help, I want to add to my shop the shipping service that I will use and it is not listed, it is mexican and it is named "Estafeta". I hope there is a way to add it to the list in the Control Panel and obviously activate it, it is going to be the default service for shipping my shop will use. Hope you can help me, thank you in advance.
  15. There are 4 zones available when I use the 'By Weight' option in Shipping, however our carrier, Parcelforce, has 9 zones. Is there a way to add 5 more zones? I'm using V 5.1.5 Stew
  16. So we just did the upgrade to V 4.4.7 Most bugs have been fixed however I came accross another one today. New products we have uploaded since the upgrade, do not have shipping applied to them. However, previous products uploaded prior to the upgrade still have the shipping 'per category' applied. So I got a nice surprise this morning with a order i only put up yesterday with no shipping applied at the end of checkout process. I hope someone can help me with this issue, as we upload products on a daily basis it's very important that this is fixed. Thanking you all in advance.
  17. Guest

    Different shipping rates

    In "Shipping Methods", I'm using "Per Category". And for each category, I've specified a "Per Shipment" cost. All works fine. But what I need is to have *two* different rates for each category: one regular rate, and a higher rate for "expedited shipping". How do I do this? Thanks in advance.
  18. I am new to cube cart and seems to have found an issue with using shipping by category. The two issues I am experiencing are: Background Site is www.zipnfc.com/shop I am using 5.1.1 cubecart I have set-up category of example Tags as the main and sub categories of Strip, Reel and Box. The reason for this is so I can apply different shipping costs to sending a strip, a reel or a box - could not see another easy way of doing this. I have selected the Shipping by category method and have no zone restrictions. Local is seen as GB and INternational I kept blank as I assumed it would default to everything other than GB! Each category has shipping rates set-up for local and international I have attached a screen shot of the category tags/reel and view basket which shows it coming up as zero! International I have found when signed in a an international user when I view the basket there are no shipping costs. Even though on the subcategory I have shipping costs set up for local and international shipping. I tried pointing the product to a main category incase the issue was picking up shipping for a sub category - but no joy. When I log in as a local user the shipping cost appear apart from the issue raised below which is a bit odd. Primary category vs other categories with regard to shipping I assumed that if I have product that belongs to multiple categories that the shipping by category would be taken from the one I have selected as the primary. It looks like it works by which ever category you are in when you select the product, which is not ideal. Can someone explain how this is meant to work or have I found a bug? Thanks in advance, Chris.
  19. How do I add more shipping zones? I am shipping by weight and use the following shipping zones: Netherlands EUR 1 EUR 2 EUR 3 US Rest of World Because Estelle does not reply on any message about her All in One shipping mod/plugin for CC5 I need an other solutions to go live with CC5. Can anyone help me? Greetings, Marcel
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