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  1. I too am getting spam reviews. I know reviews can be turned off but wouldn't it be easier if we could have a facility where only registered customers can leave a review?
  2. I am currently using the By Weight shipping module with CC528 and all it gives for the UK is United Kingdom. I now have the updated price list for shipping by my carrier (DPD/Interlink) and one thing I did not think of was that shipping to islands within the UK costs more than mainland. Islands also include Isle of Man, Isle of Wight and even Northern Ireland. There is nothing that I can see to change this within CC5 so was wondering how other people deal with it? Or is there a mod needed? Thanks Dave
  3. Thanks for this (and apologies for delay in expressing my thanks). Have been caught up with another problem which I will post now
  4. My courier provides my customers a 1 hour time slot and this is texted to the customer; is there a way of making the Mobile Phone number field a "required" entry on the customer form?
  5. OK, it seems that v5.2.8 now has a Category Visible option, ticking these seems to have done the job - quick back up before anything else goes wrong
  6. OK, not sure what I did except deleting an old admin folder and several "old" files (ie been replaced by the upgrade) and it now seems to have fixed the problem - was just about to delete the whole lot and start again Just going to see if the other problem is fixed now. Thank you very much for your help.
  7. Where do I find this html? Or which file is potentially calling the duplicate admin.js file?
  8. Thanks for your reply; I will have a look at that and see if there is anything noticeable on the server.
  9. Have decided to upgrade to CC528 and see if it helps and also look at putting the skin back to default and starting it again. Will let you know what happens
  10. Just to clarify, this bug is in every option screen where there is the possibility of enabling/disabling a feature.
  11. OK, here is my new dilemma. Following on from my navigation not showing up on the homepage, I have decided to upgrade to the v5.2.8. Upgrade was a complete success, although the navigation is still not showing but this is not the main problem. In Admin > Store Settings, all the options now have double ticks/crosses. For example on the Features tab, the Enable Products Review/Comments now has Tick Tick instead of just 1 Tick. The same is for items which are disabled I now have Cross Cross. Furthermore, I do not have the option to change them; although the hover says "Enable" or "Disable", clicking the tick/cross does not do anything. Is my upgrade bugged or does anyone else have this problem? Thanks Dave
  12. Nope, still the same. I did try changing all the skins but they are all the same. I think something out of the ordinary has happened; maybe I should delete everything and start again?
  13. Yep, have done all that. The only categories with products in are the Cookie Mix Jars and Chocolate Bags - the other 2 are empty. Wow Cupcakes Offer was the 2nd Category created; the cookie mix was the 1st and choco bags 3rd and the ID's are in that order. Test has ID 6 but that is because I created and deleted catefories whilst trying to get this to work. All products show up as Latest products on homepage.
  14. If it helps, element.navigation_tree.php only has the following code in it :- <li> <a href="{$BRANCH.url}">{$BRANCH.name}</a> {if isset($BRANCH.children)} <ul> {$BRANCH.children} </ul> {/if} </li> {debug}
  15. Hi Bsmither, Thanks for your response. On your advice, I have doubled checked all the categories and products and they all have green ticks in both Visible and Status. Enable Cache is disabled. I have made a few changes to the main.php file but this was only commenting out the display of the logo at the bottom of the screen, removing the search box and the language indicator at the top of the screen. Below is the $BRANCH result from the debug:- Smarty_Variable Object (3) ->value = Array (3) name => "Wow Cupcakes Offer" cat_id => "2" url => "http://wow-bakes.com/wow-cupcakes-off..." ->nocache = false ->scope = "file:templates/element.navigation_tre..." What is interesting here is, the above name "Wow Cupcakes Offer" I just made visible this morning (just prior to doing the above) and this category shows on the homepage; the other 2 (Cookie Mix Jars and Chocolate Bags) still do not appear. To make a further test, I have just created another category and called it Test, but this also does not display - very confusing The 3 categories that do not display (Cookie Mix Jars, Chocolate Bags and now Test) are exactly the same attributes as the Wow Cupcakes Offer category that does display; i.e. all have Parents of /, no images, no translations etc. I will post screenshot next..................... Thanks, Dave
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