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Found 10 results

  1. Hey - I was told in another post I should remove the category text that says "No products found." How exactly do I do that in my categories that have SUB categories but no product? I can't find it in any options that I have tried CC5
  2. So I was able to do this before and not sure why it wont work now but I can not move the sub categories inside one of my categories folders. I did this yesterday but have been trying for the last hour and the categories will not move. I have tried logging in and out - closing web browser and re opening. But I still can not move the categories. The only changes made since I COULD move the categories was a skin change. Is it the skin I am in? Do I need to change skins - move the categories and change it back? CC5 Skin: Mican - Blue Do I have to move the categories in the actual FTP file? I have done that before in CC3 but I figured if I had done it in CC5 before I could do it again.
  3. So I am by no means a web editor and have had about a few weeks of actual web design and editing trainging. So I apologize in advance for not know what I am doing or talking about. I am editing a web site thats rather old - and I was "shown" how to add product to this website using CubeCart - but our version is like 3.0.18 (no joke thats the version) So I notice when I ADD categories the categoreis DONT actually show up online. It shows up just fine in the cubecart thing but nothing else. So I have been trying to figure out how to do that on my own. I have DreamWeaver CS6 at my disposal but I also have filezila - I have figured out how to actually add a category to the web site but the category does not look the same in some ways nor does it show up on cubecart. Also I tried adding a category to cubecart with the same name but that doesnt help me they cont speak to each other at all. How can I add categories on both the web site and the cubecart program and make them work with each other. Is it simply my cubecarts out of date? This is what a category looks like that already works - Notice the text at the top of the category shows a name and has text - the next category does not have that. http://timesforgottendvd.com/index.php?act=viewCat&catId=35 This one was added but product cant be added to it nor does it have the text up top http://timesforgottendvd.com/index.php?act=viewCat&catId=51 Please Help All I want to do is add categories and be able to add product to them via cubecart - thats it - cant be that hard
  4. Hi, First post on this forum and mainly because I am totally stuck! I do try to resolve things before resorting to asking for help but here goes:- Running CC5.2.7 and the Crosshatch Skin I have 2 categories in my store and a few products in each category; it's not going to be a massive store. Problem is, on the homepage (where I have "welcome to the store blah blah blah) I have the logo on the left, the Homepage as a navigation link and that is it. I want to have the categories listed here as well but can't see how to get them there. In fact, if you look at the homepage, there is no navigation at all. Very confused. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Dave
  5. Maybe I missed it somewhere, but what exactly is the point of the "Google Category" selection when adding a product? My category is NOT an option after scrolling through that long hard to read list. So I chose one closest to it. Is there a way to "add" a selection or maybe trim the list down as I will never sell 99.99998% of anything from the categories in that list?
  6. Hi Team I did my best to search for this information, first thinking that this Tab may have been removed as part of the update, but... Then I thought, "Why would it? Its needed..." Anyway, straight forward problem is that the "Category" Tab is missing from both "Edit a Product" function and "Add a Product" Function. I could add a Product to a Category to via "Assign to Category" - but a very roundabout way of doing it.... Screenshot attached. Regards Gary
  7. I did understand that it should be possible to set sorting of the products in the categories by default within the adminpanel from this version 5.1.5 of. But I can't find the settings.... can you please explain how to sort my products? Kind Regards, Marcel I use 5.1.5, I just saw below my message it states 5.1.4. I just have to change it.
  8. Hi, We have recently developed a site using Cubecart and while in development we had the cache turned off. Now when we turn it on (either on the development server or live one) no categories are showing. There has been no changes to the core functionality. We have tried clearing the SQL cache, file cache and regenerating the sitemap in the admin area but to no avail. We have also tried manually deleting the cache files from the file system. The categories only don't show when the site's cache is on. Can anybody offer any suggestions?
  9. I'm new, I know, but I don't seem to be able to get the reorder function to work whilst I'm building my store. I came across the problem first when I was creating Categories, then Products and now in Site Documents. I can delete the items and create them again in a different order, but the function 'drag to reorder' isn't working and if I delete products and start again, I get my IDs messed up because my new product starts from where i left off. If someone could answer the reorder problem that would help. Ta Stew
  10. Hi, Does anyone know how to remove a redundant category level? For example, if part of my category structure is as follows: Top level category - "A" >> Below this, category "A1" only. >> Below this, categories "A1x", "A1y" and "A1z" only. >> Below this, various products linking off each of "A1x", "A1y" and "A1z". How do I remove category "A1" (as it is just an unnecessary level) and move the child categories up one level without losing all the products etc. so that it looks as follows: Top level category - "A" >> Below this, categories "A1x", "A1y" and "A1z" only. >> Below this, various products linking off each of "A1x", "A1y" and "A1z". Thanks.
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