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  1. What you have goes in EACH of the various types of emails, such as Cart: Ordered Cancelled What goes in each of the emails with the flag on it is what will then be plugged into {$EMAIL_CONTENT}. Does that mean that the emails will double up with two sets of 'kind regards' for example? and so under the flags I should leave the greetings out so to speak and just include content? And do I need then to have the 'default email' green ticked? at present I do not have any of them ticked they are all crossed red. Do I also need to leave the html section blank if I only want plain text to show?
  2. I have nothing under 'notes' for any of my customers, it is just blank.
  3. html content of 'payment received' email template {$EMAIL_CONTENT} {$DATA.store_name} Hello {$DATA.first_name}, Thank you for supporting Peaceful Silkworms. We have received a payment of {$DATA.total} for order number {$DATA.cart_order_id}. Kind Regards Kiersten @ Peaceful Silkworms www.peacefulsilkworms.com.au {$DATA.storeURL} plain text version {$EMAIL_CONTENT} {$DATA.store_name} Hello {$DATA.first_name}, Thank you for supporting Peaceful Silkworms. We have received a payment of {$DATA.total} for order number {$DATA.cart_order_id}. Kind Regards Kiersten @ Peaceful Silkworms www.peacefulsilkworms.com.au {$DATA.storeURL}
  4. Hello Everyone, My printable receips show a cut off end of my header image in the top left corner with the customer details in the field in the top right. How can I move the customer information from the top right to below the header image so the entire header image shows? Alternatively how do I remove the header image from the printable receipts altogether? Thanks in advance :)
  5. Under the transaction log, I have for each customer order number, total, gateway, date When I click on the order number I get transaction id, status, amount, gateway, date, notes Nothing like what you wrote above (?) Am I potentially looking in the wrong place? I cannot find this information anywhere? I am also getting up to 3 order notifications for each order. The first notifiication always has no information in the 'fields' for customer name and address/s only information on the item being ordered. Then the next notification has all the customer information in it. Then sometimes up to 3 (exact) complete notifications arrive in my inbox. Could this be because the customer is using the back button a number of times?
  6. Apparently the 'order received' email is working. I just had a thought....would the 'payment completed' email not be working because my customers are using PayPal to pay? I would have thought that once they were directed back to the cart to verify the paypal payment that cubecart should send them a payment confirmation? Can anyone please help with this?
  7. I am receiving the admin order notification when a customer orders. Customers are receiving no email notification at all from the store when they order and pay (they receive only a confirmation from PayPal.) Notify is checked green in my admin profile. I checked my PHP and it must be working or I would not be getting the admin order notifications. (?)
  8. Hi Everyone, My automatic emails are not working it seems. Is there something that could be preventing them working? I have edited the email templates and they should be fine to go. Any help much appreciated !
  9. Ok so I have edited all my email templates and I am happy with them. When customers order though they are not receiving any email verification of either order or payment except directly from PayPal. Why are my store emails not working?
  10. Just in case anyone else tries this 'Gateway - Phrases displayed on payment pages' needs to be changed as well as 'Modules - Gateway - Print_Order_Form'
  11. Has anyone else tried this? I tried it and came out with nothing at all where 'Sort Code' was previously on my print order form?
  12. In case anyone else has this problem, I had forgotton to edit the plain text part and had just edited the html part, make sure you edit both.
  13. Thanks Dirty Butter, I did not realise I had to click on each flag to edit the emails. I had assumed I had to click on the 'green +' button on the right and when I tried to edit each one there of course it was not working. The little tiny 'help' button was fantastic once I realised it was there! Thank you :)
  14. Did you find any resolve for this as I am having the same issue and it causes immense confusion? ! I need the free shipping to display as 'free shipping' not as an option to be selected which is just too confusing for customers. It also creates a need for an entire page in checkout just to verify shipping which seems ridiculous (when you have free shipping anyway) any help much appreciated!
  15. Hello, When purchasing from my store the placement in the checkout menu is showing incorrectly. The menu has Basket - Checkout - Payment - Complete Once the customer goes into CHECKOUT regardless of where the customer is in the process (such as when the customer is directed back from PayPal to finish the order) it ALWAYS shows as CHECKOUT. After confirming the payment it shows COMPLETE and completely misses out the PAYMENT placement in the menu. How do I fix this issue? www.peacefulsilkworms.com.au
  16. This is correct I believe. This is why nothing is showing up when customers first log into paypal, because they are going to be directed back to the shopping cart to finish the order...some big online companies do this (such as vistaprint).
  17. Hello, Did you find a solution to this problem? I am experiencing similar issue's. :)
  18. Ok I was just fiddling around with my categories and now the link is showing up where you said it should. I did refresh the page about 10 times, sorry.... All resolved Thankyou!!!!!! :yeahhh:
  19. Ok, I added a new 'category' via admin panel so that on my store (under The 'HomePage' in the menu on the left) there is now a new category called 'ReturnToMainWebsite' When I click on this 'ReturnToMainWebsite' tab it takes me to a 'page'(category) called 'ReturnToMainWebsite'. (much like it goes to any normal category) The edit you gave me created a link in the menu progression just above the page name 'ReturnToMainWebsite' I would like to make the link work so that when a customer clicks on the menu option in the categories 'ReturnToMainWebsite' that it links immediately instead of showing the 'category' page first I hope that makes sense! If you have a look, your instructions created the 'aboutsilkworms' which I called 'ReturnToMainWebsite in the progression menu at the top horizontal of the store instead of in the category menu at the side...maybe I have placed it wrong? This is the code of my public_html/shop/skins/mican/templates/box.navigation.php <div> <h3>{$LANG.navigation.title}</h3> <ul id="menu" class="accordion"> <li><a href="/index.php" title="Return to Main Website">http://www.peacefulsilkworms.com.au</a></li> <li><a href="{$STORE_URL}/index.php" title="{$LANG.navigation.homepage}">{$LANG.navigation.homepage}</a></li> {$NAVIGATION_TREE} {if $CTRL_CERTIFICATES && !$CATALOGUE_MODE} <li class="li-nav"><a href="{$URL.certificates}" title="{$LANG.navigation.giftcerts}">{$LANG.navigation.giftcerts}</a></li> {/if} {if $CTRL_SALE} <!--<li class="li-nav"><a href="{$URL.saleitems}" title="{$LANG.navigation.saleitems}">{$LANG.navigation.saleitems}</a></li>--> {/if} </ul> </div>
  20. ok i have done this, in public_html/shop/skins/mican/templates/box.navigation.php I am not sure what this had done though, excuse my ignorance.. ok i have done this, in public_html/shop/skins/mican/templates/box.navigation.php I am not sure what this had done though, excuse my ignorance.. Ok, I got it How do I make the link link in directly from the category tab instead of taking the customer to a page where they have to click on 'mainwebsite' to get there?
  21. hopefully my last query, I would like to place a link into one of the category tabs that I have named 'back to main website' (unless anyone can suggest a better way to do this?) www.peacefulsilkworms.com.au/shop Where do I go about adding this link? Thanks again :)
  22. All the emails I received from CubeCart Version 3 notifying me of orders have always been in plain text. (does CC5 have more html in the emails?) But I will see if my 'mail' on my mac is changing it, I dont think so though, as all my other emails are plain text.... I am guessing that customers choose to receive either plain or html when they suscribe...so that shouldn't be a problem.
  23. Hello Everyone, All my emails sent to me through admin to notify me of orders placed are in html rather than plain text. I have looked everywhere but am unable to find where to change this... Thanks in advance (mican skin)
  24. Ok, default for store was English UK default for me (admin) was English US so I changed it to UK default for impersonated customer was English US so I changed it to UK Now I am getting the correct spelling for cheque! Thankyou!
  25. Thankyou, I had no idea this was all there and readily accessable, Unfortunately I cant seem to change what I want here, in both English US and English UK they all say 'cheque' but on my actual print order form in my cart it says 'pay by check' 'please make checks payable too.....'
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