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  1. We are using the PalPal pro plugin as our payment gateway on this site- www.eyewearchain.com After adding to cart and hitting checkout, it gives the option of checkout OR checkout with PayPal button, which is now a bright orange button, larger now in the 5.11 version. My question is- I want to make the "or" bolder or larger and have a bit of separation from the Paypal button so the customer does not think the Paypal express button is the only option since it is so bright. I cannot find where this is styled in any of the files. Thanks in advance.
  2. You are right. I aligned the guides in photoshop and they are equal, but the design needed more space to the left. The question is, is there a quick way to shift everything to the right 50 pixels. I did a padding left on the page wrapper, only the background shifted. I will figure it out, sorry, this is a waste of your time.
  3. I did a customization of the nota skin, trying to figure out why it shows off-center in the browser. I did not change any template widths, This is a new site, on the 14 day trial period. http://www.spiritofsantafe.com/index.php
  4. I thought this problem was going to be fixed in 5.08, but after updating to 5.08 and setting up the card capture gateway to enable validation, the error message still pops up when using AMEX as payment - "Please enter a valid CVV2 security code. This is a three or four digit code normally found on the rear of the card"
  5. Went into phpmyadmin and deleted the line after doing a backup. Thank you for the response. That fixed the problem.
  6. Error log showing errors for all new orders since updating to CC5.08- File: [user.class.php] Line: [335] "INSERT INTO `CubeCart_customer` (`title`,`first_name`,`last_name`,`email`,`phone`,`mobile`,`password`,`registered`,`new_password`,`type`) VALUES ('','Firstname','lastname','[email protected]','555-555-1212','','de0fd3dcc902a91f9720f6dd898e4291','1335711091','','2');" - Duplicate entry '[email protected]' for key 'email' I subbed actual customer's name with "Firstname, lastname. Any ideas?
  7. Note that to report, you must sign up as a new user, as this or any other CC log in is not part of the database.
  8. Cannot find where to submit bug report. I cannot log in to this page- http://bugs.cubecart.com/ Do I use my forum login or cubecart customer log in?
  9. YES!, Here is what happens when a customer tries to purchase with AMEX - they get this error message; The following errors were detected: Please enter a valid CVV2 security code. This is a three or four digit code normally found on the rear of the card. We are using the Card capture method, since CC still does not work with our gateway (elavon) I fixed it by turning off the "Enable Card Validation" under payment gateway settings. This needs to be a bug report.
  10. I have upgraded so many times my .htaccess file has some code that shows up in my hosting control panel showing that it is blocking all ip addresses. I am just trying to get the proper code that should be in the 5.07 version. Here is the code: ## File Security <FilesMatch "\.(htaccess)$"> Order Allow,Deny Deny from all </FilesMatch> Is this cubecart's code?
  11. By weight, 1st Class choice, as received by email receipt below: The 1st class should be there between the parentheses. Something is not connected. The cart also goes through the same step with no explanation after entering billing, shipping address, assuming you will choose a ship method? Shipping: () $5.95 Discount: $0.00 Subtotal: $29.95 AZ tax: (7.100%) $2.13
  12. When I changed those files, It only changed the text on the module page. I did not test beyond the initial add item to cart, and choosing ship method. The text I want to change is in the shipping selection drop-down where it says by "By Weight" and "Flat Rate" as choices. Also, the flat rate allows a write in, and only one rate, where By weight allows two rates, and no write-in choice. How about working in two rates for flat rate next update and easier changing of 1st and 2nd Class text. My CC4 had better management.
  13. I want to change the wording "1st Class Shipping" and "2nd Class Shipping" to something else but cannot find anywhere in the language files. The Ship by weight module in the language files is empty.
  14. I should mention that I modified the main.php page in my karuto/templates folder- I removed the login, language, currency at the top: <div id="account"> {$SESSION} {$CURRENCY} {$LANGUAGE} </div> Do I need to keep the {$SESSION} ?
  15. After clearing cache, Main cache folder contents: 72b0d.acp.showNavigation.cache Skins folder contents: 3c97de3e99aa7180e4c3a93fe2405d1e6d646f49.file.content.document.php.php 8ad94f8e2940440df9130ff3844580c661fc0744.file.content.contact.php.php 567f2872ce8b2ac47e46997c2e919fa6b638dd9d.file.content.certificates.php.php etc....
  16. I am able to clear the cache folder through my ftp, both main and skin folders. I did that when I enabled it earlier. Here is something interesting, with caching disabled, it is still writing files to the cache folder. But the links are fine. I am going to keep the caching disabled.
  17. What I was referring to above, is that the long links came back after I changed my .htaccess and turned caching back on. I turned the caching back off to fix the category links.
  18. Checking website, the long links are back after doing the .htaccess change to what you gave me. I am disabling the cache. The problem happens when cache enabled. Here is a link generated to the homepage: http://www.eyewearchain.com/index.php/customer/whimsical-chains/eyeglass-strap-leather/leather-eyeglass-chains/skins/kurouto/styles/grey/silver-eyeglass-chains/eyeglass-strap-leather/index.php
  19. I don't know if this helps, but under File Manager, documents, On my home page General tab, my url is blank in that space, and everything works great. Do you have a specific url there? could that be causing the two cookies?
  20. OK, explains a lot, I upgraded from v4, and the installer appended. I need to read up on .htaccess. The original htaccess.txt file on the server contains just one line. I am not sure if it needs to be added to the .htaccess file Code follows: # Use PHP5 Single php.ini as default AddHandler application/x-httpd-php5s .php
  21. Thank you gentlemen for taking the time to look at my problem. I changed the .htaccess file, and the site is operating fine. I will turn caching back on, and will report results later, to see if the long urls show.
  22. I could swear I had CC install the .htaccess, I will give this a shot.
  23. I took it from CC. I renamed htaccess.txt so I could attach. htaccess.txt
  24. Another interesting anomaly... I am going to turn on the SEO urls, and turn off the cache because I don't want to leave the site like it is. Here is an example home page url that is wacky in case anyone can help figure this out.- http://www.eyewearchain.com/index.php/customer/whimsical-chains/eyeglass-strap-leather/eyeglass-strap-leather/skins/kurouto/styles/leather-eyeglass-chains/index.php The url above is listing all of my custom urls for each category, yet the SEO urls were turned off at the time. If you notice the /customer/ folder that is after the index.php at the beginning, that is sometimes different, like /cart/ etc. It would be nice to enable caching again.
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