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  1. Would like to add "Payment not received" as an option for Order Status "Canceled" is a little harsh for my sensitive customers. But still need to keep the Canceled option, because, well, some orders need to be Canceled from time to time. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. I am seeing bogus customer registration also. i.e. (Last, First name) DitsBymnineneEK, DitsBymnineneEK Vc0bwe JD, Fe3chd JD ChbbiadOS, ChbbiadOS Things of that nature. The IP address has not been stored on these accounts... I do not know why. enabling reCaptcha did not prevent spam sign ups.
  3. Just have to remember to apply the original category, along with the added category, when using "Assign to Category"
  4. I don't blame you bsmither... It's actually not that bad the way it is set up now. Creating another round of categories, and using the "Assign to Category" feature under products.
  5. Right. I was trying to avoid to go into each product and assign categories I have over 2000 products for sale
  6. I would like to have a sub category in more than one parent category. I sell Fabrics. They can be categorized by color and/or designer example I would like to have Lets say Wendy Smith designs the fabric line 'Chintz' and has 20 fabrics in the 'Chintz' collection The 'Chintz' fabric line is mainly red fabrics. Right now I have /Fabrics/Chintz by Wendy Smith I would like to put "Chintz by Wendy Smith" in these categories: /Fabrics by Designer/Wendy Smith/Chintz by Wendy Smith /Red Fabrics/Chintz by Wendy Smith Does that make sense? Who's on first?
  7. I am seeing bogus customer registration also. i.e. (Last, First name) DitsBymnineneEK, DitsBymnineneEK Vc0bwe JD, Fe3chd JD ChbbiadOS, ChbbiadOS Things of that nature. The IP address has not been stored on these spam accounts...
  8. ta da! Works perfect. Thank you kind sir!
  9. In Admin under orders I am seeing that orders placed in the past 24 hours are showing as Military time. Orders after 24 hours are showing AM PM. (see attachment) Is there a way for all orders be AM PM?
  10. Thanks, but I dont think I was clear enough. :/ I have used ImageReady to create slices. I have a series of tables and gaps are showing up where you see </tr><tr> I'm sure I can pop the image into a mapping program and use what you suggested above. Maybe I am too old school. Open to any and all suggestions.
  11. Would you recommend to Force SSL mode on all pages? Are there any advantages to that? The prices are practically the same Lunarpages vs GoDaddy but appreciate the suggestion
  12. Now that I am using CubeCart Version: 5.1.5 I still would like to replace <p class="logo"><img src="{$STORE_LOGO}" alt="{$META_TITLE}" /> (this is in /skins/###/templates/main.php) with a series of tables for image mapping. when I insert the table, there are 1px or 2px padding where <tr></tr> separate tables. I've been looking in css files, but can not find anywhere there would be cellpadding applied. Thanks
  13. So I'm set up through Authorize.net and is secure for payment information. I'm having customers tell me that their anit-virus software and/or browser plugin toolbar is telling them that our site is not secure. I'm looking into SSL certificates and my webhost (LunarPages) has two SSL choices. Basic and Pro https://support.lunarpages.com/knowledge_bases/article/175 Would getting an SSL certificate and enabling SSL in cubecart help? Thank you for any input.
  14. Fixed. I re-uploaded the ini.inc.php... works fine...
  15. Those are lines 1 thru 29... the only lines in the file
  16. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /home/[directory]/public_html/shopping_cart/ini.inc.php on line 29 Has anyone else seen this? I am getting this message on every page. Can not get to my admin page either.
  17. Yay taxes! My shop is located in PA. We tax goods and shipping to people only in PA. When a new customer, who it not registered with my site, adds things to their shopping cart and views their cart, it shows Tax. If I turn the tax option off, it obviously does not show tax. But when I place something in my cart and pretend to check out, showing I am in PA, it does not add tax. Is there a way to show tax, only after they have registered and say that they are in PA?
  18. So I just upgraded to v5 from v3. In v3 there was a text box that would allow the customer to type in their State. Now that I have upgraded to v5 there is a drop down menu for "State" I am running into problems that customers who registered in v3 placed PA or Pa or Pa. or Penna. for Pennsylvania. Other example, Wa. or WA or Wash. for Washington I am in PA and only charge tax for PA customers. So those who typed in Pa or Pa.... v5 does not recognize, and does not apply tax to the order. Any suggestions?
  19. The problem was, when re-directed to Authorize.net's secure site for processing, the customer had to click "Confirm order and Return to Site". Then the inventory would be adjusted. What I did was log onto Authorize.net and make a header above the button to make clear that the button should be clicked. From what I understand you can set up a Relay Response URL. So after the customer enters credit card info, they automatically get re-directed back to your site, avoiding clicking that button. But I have yet to figure the Relay Response URL out. Maybe someone can help with this?
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