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  1. Today I discovered that a customer who purchased $1000 worth of goods ( 6 weeks ago) has claimed a chargeback from his bank.  I had the Square extension in use as it saves me fees over PayPal. Chargebacks can happen at anytime. This is my first one.

    Square has informed me that the Credit Card holder does not remember the transaction. 

    Square says: We’ve sent your information to the cardholder’s bank. The bank is now reviewing the evidence before making a final decision. While we can no longer add new evidence or speed up the bank’s review process, we’ll provide you with updates as soon as we receive them.

    That may take 90 days.

    Meanwhile, my account is on hold and I have swapped to STRIPE for credit card transactions.

    For the uninitiated, I was under the belief that Square and Stripe took responsibility for the security of transactions. Oh NO they don't.  The onus is on you.

    is it the same for PayPal?


    I found this video informative:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrKFKicBk9Q


  2. "Two heads are better than one", yes, there is a packaging weight of 0.2 which "kicks" the weight into the next section. However, the basket weight at the checkout remains the same. ie 1.35 kg

    Reducing the packaging weight to zero solves the issue.


    PS the issue regarding the free shipping (above) continues

  3. Hi Brian, this may be a different issue, but I will post it here.

    The current version is the latest 1.0.26.

    I have a few orders from the UK to ship from Australia.

    Here are my shipping rates.


    Most people order one bottle and are charged $92.26 for the 1.501 -4.1 kg category.

    However, the ordered bottle is 1.35 kg basket weight and therefore should be only $59.00 postage.


    Any suggestions?



  4. Hi Volteq, I like your quote, "we have seen the core vitals going up and up like bi-polar disorder in the past, with us doing nothing on our website." 

    I have worked through a few of the issues you have discussed, but not cubecart. I have an old foundation-skinned website that was not built around LCP etc. with the results up and down for no reason.

    Coreweb vitals shows no errors or issues on Cubecart for me running CC6.4.9. However, I run only one image at a time, with none under the text as you have. I am not sure if CC was designed to run images under the text, Bsmithers may want to comment.

    I am quite impressed how the images under the text respond to the page size. I would try reducing the images by 50% and see if that reduces the CLS and LCP.

    Bottom line, is the page index and crawled by Google and the search results are improving.

  5. Yes, the last six orders used the free shipping coupon option and since November the last 4 have the issue.

    I have looked over Paypal and can not find any shipping payment options.


    This is a screen shot of the PayPal invoice, showing no shipping. I thought the $15.15 may have appeared here.

    In my AIOS there is an entry for $15.15. However, that price is for a different state. I will alter the price to $15.16 and see if it comes up in the next order.

  6. Anything is possible at this stage. I will give the client a call and report back.

    The last 4 orders have the same issue with shipping of $15.15 showing on the invoice. Orders before that were OK. The first occurrence was on the 21st of November 2022 after the CC647 update. I don't know what version of PPal was used, but I always update to the latest version.

  7. Yes, the order is at processing.

    What does the Shipping Information box show? I don't know what this is.

    contents related to shipping for this order in CubeCart_order_summary are $15.15

    Yes, there are notes in the notes tab, due to the free shipping coupon.

    Dont know the order of the steps. ( I would have to call him)  As a regular customer, using Paypal I assume he put in the free shipping code (without clicking apply) and clicked secure checkout PayPal. 

    The Free Shipping coupon (as indicated in admin, Promotional Codes, editing a Free Shipping coupon, with the "Free shipping" checkbox selected.) Yes, see below.


    Its a mystery I could not replicate it either.

  8. Hi BD and Prebeat, some 8 years on and I have picked up this thread regarding GTIN and google merchant Base feed.

    Google wants me to provide a GTIN for all my products even though I have none.

    Google says "What to do"

    Add your product's globally valid GTIN 

    This item has an internationally recognized, unique identifier. Submit a valid GTIN, and either set this value to true or remove this value.


    I have  In the admin/sources/products.export.inc.php about line 83:

     if (isset($result['mpn']) && empty($result['mpn']) && isset($result['gtin']) && empty($result['gtin'])) {
        $result['identifier_exists'] = 'FALSE';
       } else {
        $result['identifier_exists'] = 'TRUE';

    Any recommendations to remove this value, please?

  9. Now my CC649 version of  /classes/cubecart.class.php does not have $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] in line 1574.

    No system errors showed up. Just the error message at the contact page again as per the CC647 upgrade.

    I found that without $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] in line 1574 my contact page did not work.

  10. Hi Brian,

    Google says last crawled

    on Nov 27, 2022.

    When I click on the link I get


    and therefore the set_currency is stripped off, but not the language.

    I can not find anything indexed in sitemaps or site:www.harrisorganicwine.com.au/shop with language or currency.

    But, I find this on Google Search Console Google says these pages are pages with redirects. I ask why do they show up at all. Possibly indexed years ago and still lurking on the ether.


  11. Google search console, regarding indexing, has picked up a redirect which does not make sense to me.

    Under settings/ languages, I have set English UK. No other language is used.

    However Google picks up this string.


    I read this as using Spanish language and Japanese currency.

    Has anyone else seen this?

    I also see 


    occasionally too.

  12. Yes that can be done, however I am using shipping by weight on AIOS.

    Initially I was only shipping wine bottles, but now I have some small light weight high priced bottles and heavy low priced bottles. So, shipping by weight was more accurate to reflect the real cost of shipping.

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